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Alt.Starfleet.Rpg (or ASR) is a newsgroup on the Internet. ASR uses the newsgroup to create interactive fiction based on Star Trek: the Next Generation, but extrapolated some 50 years after the series. The players create characters and, together, develop stories about the ships, starbases, and crew. Founded in 1991, ASR has grown to 24 role-playing units organized into three fleets and currently involves about 150 players.

I currently have one player characters(or PC) in ASR:

CAPT Elisabeth Romée

CAPT Romée is the current captain of the USS CHESAPEAKE, a part of TACRON-33, Green Fleet. She is half-human and half-Betazoid, and has some low-level touch telepathy and proximity and line-of-sight empathy. Her background is in flying fighter craft, but through a stint as XO of Deep Space Five, she entered service on ships of the line. She has an adopted son, Nicholas, who graduated from the University of Florida on Terra with a degree in child psychology and education and now has joined her on the ship to be the teacher for the ship's children.

The USS CHESAPEAKE has been awarded the Starfleet Outstanding Unit Citation three times: April 1997, October, 1998, and in April 2000. It also bills itself as the "Nuttiest Ship in the Fleet." :)
To find out more about the current goings on of the CHESAPEAKE, you can visit the USS CHESAPEAKE Post Archive.
I also have one admin character in ASR. While I do occasionally write for this character, he primarily serves as a guise for my current administrative duties.
VADM Harold T. Douglas

Admiral Douglas is the current Commandant, Armstrong Lunar Base (COMALB). Armstrong Lunar Base is the training facility for newly-commissioned Ensigns from Star Fleet Academy, where they go through the Final Billeting Assignment Simulation (FBAS) before being assigned to a billet aboard a ship or stationed on a star base. Admiral Douglas has served both on ships of the line as well as in administrative positions, including two years at Star Fleet Academy, and with the UFP Department of Defense. He has been known to handle midshipmen and junior officers with firmness and humour, and has developed a reputation as an exemplary teacher, and a supervisor of teachers.
I have six PCs and five admin PCs who are currently inactive:

To find out more about ASR, you can go to the ASR Home Page. You can find instructions on how to join ASR in the ASR FAQ. The FAQ is also posted weekly on the newsgroup alt.starfleet.rpg.

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