Questionnaire for Women Survivors of Psychiatric Abuse

1) Was your family involved in involuntary intervention(s) against you?  How?

2) Were you subjected to unwanted intervention after you sought help?  Describe.

3) How was involuntary intervention accomplished (e.g. through deceit, legal process, outright force like kidnapping)?

4) Were you particularly vulnerable because of your age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical or cognitive disability, or other status?

5) Was involuntary intervention related to your expression of anger or sexuality?

6) What has the effect of involuntary intervention(s) been on your subsequent life?

This could be broken down into:

a) effects of the modality used, i.e. neuroleptic or other psychotropic drugs, electroshock, etc.
b) effects of the trauma of incarceration/captivity, loss of freedom & control over one's life
c) effects of the disruption of one's life including family & community relationships
d) effects of betrayal by family or trusted professionals
e) impoverishment
f) social discrimination based on history of psychiatric commitment
g) social discrimination due to isolation and lack of availability of redress for the victimization
h) continuing deprivation of freedom (long-term inmate)
i) continuing deprivation of freedom (psychiatric supervision in community facilty such as adult home)
j) dependence on psychiatric system even though it is abusive
k) please describe other effects and list other categories

7) How has socio-economic status affected your experiences with psychiatry?

Please also respond to questions I haven't asked that are relevant to this issue, state what country you had your experiences in, if the US which state, and whether it is rural or urban.

I am a law graduate in the US and also an activist affiliated with World Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry.   People can respond to this questionnaire by email to tminkowitz at (substituting @ for "at").

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