small fairyd

This poem is about surviving a mental institution

You had not forgotten who you were that time.
when they took you like a piece of raw meat
wrestled to the ground
hung up in Ereshkigal's castle underground
when they bound you stripped you of skin hair eyes
raw like a potato wet and clean
scarred and dirty
pink flesh rotten with flies
when they took you like a lost angel free in flight
(so the romantic vision gave you)
and shot you to hell with pain
when they looked at you like a clean slate
when they made you beg for more to ease the pain
when they corrupted you by telling you there was no choice
when your vision went black with no choice
no choice to accept their pain or fight and receive more pain
no choice
no choice
something was changed that day

but you held quiet inside you the seed or the hope
of the seed
did you wait your whole life for it to burst into flame?


Tina Minkowitz (c) 1998