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Hi. Welcome to the Anti-Psychiatry Activism Page.

Psychiatry has always been a brutal science. Early psychiatrists developed various forms of physical torture to shock the minds and bodies of their victims. The rationale seems to have been that theirs were not lives worth living, so whatever happened to them didn't matter: a search for "cures" for the problem of the existence of crazy people.

Today, the common tortures of electroshock and neuroleptic drugs destroy healthy brain activity and brain tissue, and create structural pathology in the brain. Psychiatry causes disability and for that reason should be a focus of attention of human rights groups and intergovernmental organizations concerned with disability.

Psychiatry also uses propaganda to justify its evil deeds. Not surprisingly, the propaganda takes the most convenient forms. The stereotypes of female passivity is used to justify paternalistic (male) aggression as rescue ("she can't think for herself.") Racism takes the stereotype of "primitive violence" and drugs schoolchildren "prophylactically."

Psychiatry is not the only source of human rights violations in the world. But it shares many attributes with others. Particularly it has an affinity with nazi use of racial stereotyping, eugenics, and revisionism, i.e. the "big lie."

It's not easy to call people evil. Victims of evildoers can themselves do evil things. But that is not the issue. I.e., "two wrongs don't make a right." Psychiatry is not legitimated as social retribution, but as keepers of a segregated status, the lords of the selection process. Any claim to moral legitimacy based on the past or future actions of its victims is bankrupt.

More on "past or future" actions. Obviously they can't predict the future when they do their evil. So their actions can't be retroactively justified. However, they have been socially empowered to act based on such predictions, and this is not a justification either (Nuremberg trial; following orders is not a justification for evil-doing.). Since the source of the power is collective though, i.e. particular laws, the society bears a portion of the responsibility for this part of the evil.

So much for theory.

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