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With Vic Firth at the Rose Bowl, 2007


Team Building via the Drum Circle

Creating community music is perhaps one of the greatest team building exercises ever! Communication in the drum circle serves as a dynamic metaphor for the myriad of possibilities in social and personal interactions that take place in organizations, businesses and at home. Drumming sessions are augmented with discussions on the following topics:


SYNC by Steven Strogatz
Hyperion Books 2003

Are you any good at what you do?
There is a reason:

OUTLIERS by Malcolm Gladwell
Little Brown and Company 2008 

* Introduction & Syllabus
Callings and Gifts
Calling & the Unavoidable
Gifts & the Desire to Achieve

* The Language of Music
Rhythm, Ambiance & Foley

* Musical Communication
Constructivism & Scaffolding
Vygotsky, Piaget & Erikson
Play, Not Work

* Culture, Diffusion, Diversity & Ethnicity
Diffusion with Sauce
Aspects of Culture
Culturally Specific Rhythms
Instruments and Sound

* Evolution Guidance Systems
Evolution & Morals
Idealized Systems Design
Working Toward the Musical Ideal

* Entrainment and the Drum Circle
Christian Huggins & Physics
Nature's Clock
Sound, Timbre & the Alpha State

* Story Telling, Foley and Music
Cultural Necessity
Listening & Telling
Drama, Speech & Sound
Story Enhancement

* Class Room Studio
Recording, Music & Stories

* Psychology & Music
The Healing Touch of Playing

* Making Instruments
Sounds from the Kitchen

* Facilitation
Community Performance
Modeling Behavior
Passion & Romance

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