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(Always obtain the most recent edition.)

Children's Cognition
HD 305-505

Teaching With the Brain in Mind, by Eric Jensen (2005),
The Brain Store, San Diego, CA.

Cognitive Development, by Lisa Oakley (2004),
Psychology Press, New York, NY.

A third book is required.  It is a book of your choice that relates to the subject matter.

Teaching as a Performing Art
HD  479-670

J. Lea Smith & . Daniel Herring (2001). Dramatic Literacy. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.  (ISBN 0-325-00050-6)

Piazza, Carolyn J. (1999). Multiple Forms of Literacy. Columbus, Ohio: Merrill. (ISBN 0-13-095503-5)

Berk, Laura E. & Winsler, Adam (1995).  Scaffolding Children's Learning. Washington D.C.: NAEYC. (ISBN 0-935989-68-4)

Community Music
HD 495-695

Music With the Brain in Mind, by Eric Jensen (2000), Brain Store, San Diego, CA. (or Corwin Press, Westlake Village, CA)

The Healing Drum Kit (2005), by Christine Stevens, Sounds True, Boulder, CO.

Samba (1990), Alma Guillermoprieto, Vintage Departures, New York, NY.

Self-ecology, also called personal ecology, is the collection of events and experiences that occurred in one’s life that make them the unique person they are.  Each event and/or experience becomes part of our memory, (whether conscious or unconscious) and becomes a type of filter (whether an enhancer or deterrent) that makes us unique individuals. 

For the purposes of our assignment, the Self-Ecology Paper, we want to take a close look at some of our previous events and/or experiences that define how cognition occurs in our own lives.  Most writers refer to events and experiences from early childhood and how those early events and experiences drive personal cognition.

Children's Cognition
Community Music
Independent Studies in
Music and Cognition