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Educator, Performer, Clinician, & Ensemble Leader.

Currently: Independent performer in the L.A. area; Drum Circles;  and Educator @ Laurel Hall (NoHo, CA).

Performance Experience: Steve Allen; Jesse Dixon; Jordanaires; Debby Boone; Lola Falana; Disneyland Band, Neil Schon; Pat Boone; John Fogerty; Diane Schurr; Judy Collins; Shirelles; Perry Como; Ellis Hall; B.J. Thomas, L.A. Jewish Symphony and others...

Recordings with: Too Many Bongos, John Fogerty, Gentle Faith, Pat Boone, Shplang, Debbie Boone, Walt Disney Pictures, Touchtone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures, Carolco Pictures, HBO Pictures, Valley Beth Shalom Choir, Angela Carol Brown's Global Folk, and others...

Endorsements & Memberships:





American Federation of Musicians

Movie Recordings and/or Appearances:
Chase Langford: Morphic Resonance 13
The Mighty Kong (WarnerBros.) 98
Gone Fishin' (Touchstone) 96
Sugar Time (HBO) 95
Dangerous Minds (Hollywood) 94
Hocus Pocus (Touchstone) 93
Born Yesterday (Hollywood) 93
Angie (Hollywood) 93
What's Love Got to Do With It (Hollywood) 93
The Body Guard (Warner Bros.) 92
Chaplin (Carolco) 92
Mobsters (Paramount) 91
Rocketteer (Touchstone) 91
The Marrying Man (Hollywood) 91
Dick Tracy (Touchstone) 90
The Making of Me (Disney) 90 
Roger & Me (Warner Bros.) 89
Rock & Roll Mom (Disney) 89
Future Survival (Maranatha) 79


IPO 20 (Pop Geek Heaven)17

Dryads Kiss (Operetta Foundation)17

Maranatha! Collection Volume 3/74-76 (Maranatha Music)15

Broadway Tuned Up (Operetta Foundation)14

IPO 17 (Pop Geek Heaven)14

IPO 16 (Pop Geek Heaven)13

See the Cross, Juliette Alvey (

Jesus Music Anthology: The 70s / 12

Maranatha Series (Maranatha Music)12

Darrell Mansfield Blues Hall of Fame, Darrell Mansfield (Son


IPO 15 (Not Lame Records)12

Praise & Worship Top 40 Classics10

IPO 13 (Not Lame Records)10

Best of Darrell Mansfield (Son Records)09

My Big Three Wheeler, Shplang (Jam Records)09

Global Yoga, Angela Carol Brown, (Rue de la Harpe Records)07

Jam on Jeremy, Shplang (Ear Theory Records)05

Resting on the Rock, Angela Carol Brown, (Rue de la Harpe


Stories of the Soul Songs of the Spirit, (Valley Beth Shalom)02

Maranatha Anthology, (Maranatha! Music)01

Pop Under the Surface Vol 4, Peter Marston (Yesterday Girl


Pop Greetings Vol. 1, Peter Marston (Yesterday Girl Records)00

American Cream, Shplang (My Daily Creation Records)00

Silver Screen Serenades, Michael Poss (Twilight Souls Music)00

Best of Maranatha vol. 4, Gentle Faith/Fred Field (Maranatha


Best of Maranatha vol. 3, Gentle Faith (Maranatha Records)99

Self Made Monk, Shplang (My Daily Creation Records)97

Winsome Kin, Winsome Kin (Spin Move Records)96

Biomambo, Too Many Bongos (Techtonic Mambo Records)96

The First Christmas, Valerie Clemente (Orizaba Records)92

Pat Boone Gold, Pat Boone (Thistle Records)82

Pocket Full of Hope, Pat Boone (Thistle Records)81

American Way, Pat Boone (Thistle Records)81

Maranatha 7, Gentle Faith & Fred Field (Maranatha Records)80

Get Ready, Darrell Mansfield (Polydor Records)80

Higher Power, Darrell Mansfield (A&S records)79

Maranatha 6, Gentle Faith (Maranatha Records)77

Lion's Breath, Steve Brown (Daybreak Records)76

Gentle Faith, Gentle Faith (Maranatha Records)76

Maranatha 5, Gentle Faith (Maranatha Records)76

In the mid-seventies my drum teacher, Murray Spivack, told to me to "go out and get a decent pair of sticks." After much deliberation I purchased a pair of maple sticks with the name Vic Firth branded near the butt. I took every lesson with those sticks and still use them for practice. I have had a Vic Firth product in my stick bag ever since and am proud to be on the endorsement roster.

I went to Jeff Hamilton for a lesson and asked if he could give me any tips. He looked at the way I was playing the ride cymbal and quipped, "The sound is supposed to be wood on metal." He was right, I was simply attacking my cymbals and became discontented with the sound and more concerned hammering out rhythm. Shortly after, I mentioned to keyboard player and singer Ellis Hall that I was looking for a set of cymbals that sounded like the cymbals I listened to in the old days. Ellis told me that I should give a listen to the Paiste Traditional Line. It's been love ever since. My regular setup is: 13" medium light hi hat, 20" medium light ride, 15" and 17" thin crash, and an 11" splash. I also use a variety of Dark Energy and 2002s.


I have been playing on Remo heads for over 50 years now! In 1980 I was signed as a Remo artist by Rick Drumm and Lloyd McCausland.  Somewhere in the 90s, I began playing Remo drums exclusively and still use a custom kit that was built for me back then.  I am not the #1 call in town so when I show up to play, either live or recording, it is important that I use equipment that delivers a great performance consistently… never a problem with Remo. Also, I have a very special connection with Remo Belli, we both took drum lessons from the great Murray Spicack! Coated Ambassadors or Pin Stripe on the top, Legacy on the bottom and Power Stroke on the bass!

Nakata/Sakae Legacy & How I Understand It…

In the late seventies I went to a Rock of Noah rehearsal to get ready for a tour in Germany.  Drummer Keith Edwards, of Nashville, told me I should use his new Yamaha drums that were already set up at the rehearsal site.  When I played those drums it was absolute love and after getting the “okay” from the home front, I ordered a seven piece Yamaha 9000 kit. When I received the kit, I opened each box, tapped each drum and was amazed how rich and deep the drums sounded even after being shipped overseas. When I finally tuned the drums I found that the sound edges were of the most optimal design I had ever seen and heard.

I had Yamaha drums put into every cartage and rental request, and used Yamaha drums exclusively. I found the drums incredibly versatile for my recording and touring purposes. When I began taping television shows I was concerned about how my drums would sound through a two or three inch speaker. Yamaha provided me with a six-piece Recording Series kit featuring drums that were smaller than my 9000s.  These new smaller drums sounded full and clear through the television speakers and I used these smaller drums for years until a lighting truss fell on the kit. (Special thanks to the bass player who pulled me out of the way and saved my life.)

Two years ago, at the NAMM Show, I sought to replace my damaged kit with a Yamaha Club Custom kit.  Yamaha informed me that the Club Custom kit was no longer in production. I further learned that every kit I inquired about was no longer in production.  I was at a complete loss until I ran into Charlie Paxson at the Sakae booth and he explained the whole story. I learned that the Nakata family had been building my favorite drums for as long as I had been using them and that Sakae was indeed the family company that produced the high end product for Yamaha since 1967.

I would like to thank Yamaha for providing me with wonderful service over the years.  I do miss those drums that were produced in Osaka by Nakata san but I am grateful that Nakata san’s drums are still available under the name Sakae. I would also like to thank the Nakata family for producing the greatest drums in the history of the instrument.

Arigato gozaimasu…

Great musicians & what they taught me:

Sir Alfon Bergstrom
the power of folk music

Murray Spivack
discipline leads to freedom

Walt Goodwin
some pieces are not meant for sight-reading

Don Gerber
play music not drums

Perry Como
the voice is an acoustic instrument

Snooky Young
you'll get your chance to play

Al Perkins
precision and feeling run in tandem

Ken Blackwell
variety, precision and consistency

Chris Hardin
there is freedom in making the rules 2nd nature

Ray Templen
its a groove, not brain surgery

Alex Milstein
simple articulation is expression

John Fogerty
precision and an instrument's time

Noreen Green
a conductor's time

Linda Taylor
listen and support more than you play 

Steve Jordan
use the drum that fits the tune no matter what

Don Menza
Where's my check?

Paiste, I'm all over it!