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The table below provides links to directories that contain mostly CL source code. The sources are for either CLPs or CMDs. Some of the CLPs reference CMDs that are contained in other directories.

Directories may simply contain categories of commands grouped together, such as the "User Spaces" directory. Others, such as the "Jobq Monitor" directory, contain CLPs that reference commands specifically created for the function in that category as well as commands from other categories.

As I get more time, I'll work more on organization. For now, select an area from the table below or open a separate alphabetized index window (57K, 2009/09/08) to locate individual items.

  • Please read the DISCLAIMER before downloading any files. NOTE that this contains general discussion of how to use objects available here.

  • Within a directory, you can view each source directly (and, of course, "Save as..." from the browser window) or you can download the .ZIP file to get every source in that directory.

  • The _READMEs in most directories provide simple discussions of each source member. If you have suggestions to clarify, correct or modify these in any way, by all means pass them on. Everyone will appreciate it.

Age Spool Files
Data Queues
Device IP Address
DSM Commands
Basic E-mail Spoolfiles
Jobq Monitor
List Processing
List *QRYDFN Files
RGZPFM by Database Relations
Show Library Size
SMTP Address Retrieval from Directory
SQL Remove Duplicate Records
Swap/Restore Library Lists
UIM Demo App (Spell Checker)
UIM Help Samples
User Indexes
User Interface Manager (UIM)
User Spaces