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System i Command, CL and API Samples
Welcome to my System i (iSeries, AS/400) Commands and APIs site.

This site is presented for System i programmers familiar with CL programming who want to take advantage of i5/OS APIs. I do this because i5/OS rocks while Windows sucks.
Just for fun... test samples of DSM a whole bunch of DSM ILE CL 'prototypes' and a few working examples, including fancy window stuff.

If you thought DSM was too difficult, look at what you can do in CL no less!

NEW: DSM commands in Files.
NEW: Funky StackTrace sample in Miscellaneous.

(CFINTxx got you down? This can help.) Call System i programs across a network (even the Internet if firewalls cooperate) with two-way parameter passing. simple description All coded in ILE CL pre V5R1 -- using free IBM downloads. Easy to understand for any programmer if you want to implement in a HLL.

If you're interested, please drop a line to my address below. I'll see if I can help because "across" the network" also works within a single iSeries. I'd be particularly interested if you had a System i that can reached from mine and you'd be willing to assist in some testing.

Most likely, you're here to visit my Files page.
Read the disclaimer and warnings and take whatever you find useful or just browse for ideas.
Please send e-mail comments about ANY problems you find. I'll appreciate it and so will others who might visit.

Belated "Thanks!" to Mark Herman of Cosyn Software for his comments on SMTP address retrieval and to John Snyder for his reminder about V5R1 library list issues. And apologies to both for how much time it took to credit them... free time isn't what it was when I created this site.
While here, consider visting IT Knowledge Exchange. Contribute, search or just read. There are always points of interest for anyone.
Contacting Me:

Gig Harbor, WA 98332
Phone: (253) 298-2887 *
* Cell phone is turned off 99.99% of the time
I store samples here (Files) of command definitions and API usages for System i. Other sites and tutorials also demonstrate API usage but commonly through the RPG language. I focus on CL, especially the use of APIs to extend CL through command definitions.

This way, a different dimension of APIs can be seen, helping increase general understanding of what APIs are and what they're good for. Wherever possible, the objects defined here can be used as building blocks for more complex CLPs. In some cases, CLPs are provided to use as models for derivative functions.

Most CL programming is presented here in a form that is directly supported on every version of OS/400. (That implies i5/OS as well.) The later OS/400 releases sometimes have new functions that obsolete what's here or additional options that aren't mentioned here. But if these older, simpler examples are understood, a programmer can more easily learn current techniques by building on this base. A functioning example is often better than an IBM manual.



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