The Deadhead Medicine Cabinet

Ever feel guilty about sneaking a peek into a someone's bathroom medicine cabinet . That unauthorized glimpse into your friend's inner soul? What would you find if you opened a Deadhead's medicine cabinet? Maybe you might find the ticket they left behind, some personal stash or coco puff drops... Perhaps some prescriptions for those annoying bad habits, brain freeze or that fungus problem that becomes apparent after three days on the road!

The Deadhead Medicine Cabinet contains an attic full of tour and lifestyle icons, memorabilia and paraphernalia that will return you to

Warning! All drug contents and prescriptions are filled with inert materials.

(Send your photo and a deposit for your custom cab)

  • 40th Birthday Cabinet
  • Over the Hill Cabinet
  • Betty Ford Cabinet
  • The Boss' Cabinet
  • Other Theme Cabs

Custom Cabinets

If you are interested in one of these cabinets that sell for $200.00 please E-Mail:

In Your Face Productions® will send you a Confidential Profile for your partner or victim's medicine cabinet. Complete the form and send $75.00 deposit and a color or B&W photograph or negative. This image will be enlarged and mounted to the back of the cabinet greeting all that are curious.

In Your Face Productions® takes the Confidential Profile and develops a custom In Your Face Medicine Cabinet® complete with bogus prescriptions for ailments, cravings, passions and annoying bad habits. Each cabinet is a work of art signed and dated by the artist. Warning! All drug contents and prescriptions are filled with inert materials and permanently mounted to the cabinet.

The cabinet will be shipped UPS/C.O.D.

Allow 3-5 weeks for delivery.

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