Tennessee's Wildside

I love to find interesting but natural ways to shoot interviews. Here producer Alan Griggs talks with Gene Mills about the fine work of Outdoorsman Inc. restoring a section of wilderness in east Tennessee. When possible, I like to "interview" people as they are involved in some activity so that the b-roll and interview become one organic whole.
  Our hook for the story was a fishing rodeo that the club sponsored. This young lady did a victory dance every time she caught a fish.
Ken Tucker cut a wonderful montage of the kids reactions to fishing which layered with Alan's narration was quite funny, Obviously the young anglers made this story sing.
To help emphasize his connection with nature, I had Mr. Mills walk along the pond edge so I could tilt down from him to reveal his reflection in the water.

 Production Company: The Renaissance Center

Executive Producer: Steve Hall

Segment Producer: Alan Griggs


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