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The links below will take you to samples of my work. Each page has five stills from the actual piece and a few notes about the shoot. Once you've viewed a page simply hit the "samples" button at he bottom to come back to this page and pick the next project.

You can hit the links in any order you please or click on my "virtual reel" and be whisked through a variety of projects in a pre-determined order using the "previous" and "next" buttons at the bottom of each page.



High Definition Commercial
The Answer
TTU Commercial
Cambio Commercial
Cherry Tree Music Video
Dr. Fisher Commercial
Angel White Music Video
Tennessee's Wildside

Quicktime Downloads

Chris Ferrell Hi-Def Spot (1MB)

Cambio (1MB)

The Answer (2.2MB)


Please remember that the sample images on the following pages are held in copyright by their respective owners.