High Definition Commercial

Click here to download a 1mb Quicktime movie of this spot.

Election season has begun in Nashville and this is my second political spot for the year.
We shot this in High Definition at 24 frames per second on Sony's HDW-F900. Yes, the same model of camera that LucasFilm used to shoot Star Wars Episode II. The Hi-Def picture was then downconverted for editing.
I really enjoy working in Hi-Def, especially 24 frame progressive. It is a combination of the best of film and video. After 4 years of shooting Digital Betacam, the Sony HDW-F900 camera already seemed like an old pal.
The only light control tools in our arsenal were some reflectors. Working outdoors is really a matter of working with the natural light rather than against it and choosing backgrounds and compositions that flow with the light.
The client just wanted to work with the kids and left me to my own devices to come up with shots. We had a very smooth day. I think these two facts are related.

Director: Michael Dukes

Production Company: SLAM! DigitalWorks

Key Grip: Jeff Atkins

Editor: John Greer


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