Angel White Music Video

I've done a lot of "white limbo" work. It can create elegance inexpensively, at least art department wise. But a decent lighting package is required, especially for a 60' by 80' space like this studio at StagePost.
I created darkness at the edges and a pool of light in the center to draw our attention to the patient on the bed.
  The right composition at the right time of day with a four foot reflector made this shot. I also asked for and got a "swing-tilt lens" effect in post
  We shot this music video in one day with four crew moves. The hospital location was the abandoned wing of a hospital that we dressed and lit.
This music video was shot on the DVW700 which is Digital Betacam. As part of preproduction I created a custom look for the shoot using the matrix, gamma and detail settings of the camera. While it would be nice to paint the picture on location, there usually isn't enough time.


 Director: Lynn Bennett

Production Company: StagePost

Gaffer: James Reed

Editor: Phil Herring


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