Dr. Fisher Commercial

   This beautiful location is actually the client's house which helped our meager budget.
  The white space and blue tint lend these two shots an elegance. I was inspired by the way magazine photography uses white space as a design element.

   Naturally it was high noon when we shot the night time restaurant scene. (frame 4) Gaffer James Reed rigged a black tarp tent over the window to elminate the sun and so I could shoot from the outside into the "restaurant" (again the client's house). We even rigged a little moonlight to fall on the window frame. This small black tent turned into a sauna under the broiling sun. So not only am I burning up in it, but nobody inside can hear my instructions. I directed by charade gestures.

So after the sun fried me in the black tent, the haze thickened by the time we got to this last shot. The sky was a totally unromantic overcast. I tinted the sky with a graduated filter.


Production Company: StagePost

Director: Chad Denning

Gaffer: James Reed

Format: Digital Betacam


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