Cherry Tree Music Video

  Good old 16mm Kodak Plus-X black and white. Ya gotta love grain to make it work.
  The video is for the National Literacy Council to raise awareness of illiteracy. It follows the confusing day of a woman who can't read and feels that everyone is staring at her.
  I was called for this music video the night before the shoot. The director and DP had creative differences and decided to part ways. I had shot for the director before so she called me.
  It was refreshing actually to walk onto set without any preconceived notions. It was a wonderful opportunity to combine my documentary roll-with-the-punches skills and my surrealist imagination. After about the 5th improvised shot Amy threw her storyboards in the trash.


 Director: Amy Brown

Production Company: Bedot Productions

Colorist: John @ MPL Nashville


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