The Answer

Click here to download a 2mb Quicktime movie of this spot.

  This promotional video is about people asking the big and often bitter questions about God, life, faith and suffering. My job was to capture this sense of isolation and soul searching using lighting and composition.
  I'm particularly proud of this lighting set up. We wanted it to look good but also to look like it was caught "off the cuff." I like lighting that establishes a place or mood without looking "lit."
  The stills don't do full justice to the video. Download the clip to see how camera movement, composition and editing really made this piece sing.
  This video is an example of great teamwork. Hats off to Don for a great concept, David for his editing, thanks for using all the good stuff, Janet for great casting and to Kyle for a good hustle.


 Director: Don Reed

Editor: David Stepp

Casting: Janet Ivey

Key Grip: Kyle Rullman

Production Company: Don Reed Creative


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