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"first rate memoir"

   Tony Lazzarini is a prize winning playwright as well as an award-winning writer, and Highest Traditions are his memories of his tours as a helicopter door gunner, whose average life span under fire was 20 seconds tops.  Good thing for us Tony Lazzarini was not your average door gunner!
   In this simple, modest and intensely personal glimpse of war, we stand beside this author in the Hueys he has flown during various, and sometimes weird and /or covert and always hazardous missons over Vietnam.
   When he returns Stateside between tours, we are in the eye of the storm, where he opens up a poignant and remarkable time capsule.
   Short and to the point, with a little philosophy and not a single unnecessary word, Highest Traditions is a highly readable and exhilarating memoir of a young American's trial by fire--why he went, what he did, as well as odd and memoriable stories.
   One of the best Vietnam memoirs ever to cross my desk.  It is devoid of bull, apology or pretention.  Simply a well writen and gripping collection of memories.
Top 500 Reviewer
   "Tony Lazzarini is the best natural writer I have ever read".
James Schock
Former News Director
San Francisco, CA.

   Highest Traditions is the story of the 25th Aviation Battalion in Vietnam, more specifically the journey begun by the author in 1965.  Trained as a helicopter mechanic, Lazzarini was stationed in Hawaii until he arrived in Vietnam in the spring of 1966.
   Told in fiction style first person narrative, the author's memories, the horrors of war and the occasional moments of humor are nevertheless real.  The reader is given a front row seat to view one of the most misunderstood eras of American history. So hang tight and join the author aboard a Huey and share the emotional upheavals the author experienced as he flew over Cambodian rice paddies, and find out, as the author did, about a strange substance called Agent Orange.
   Some lighter moments break up this somber narrative written is such an engaging style the reader will be hard pressed not to finish the book in one sitting.  Excellent balance of descriptive prose and journal-like reminiscences makes Highest Traditions a rare treat for any reader interested in military of combat history.
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