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2003 Gold Book Award-Best Military Non-fiction
2003 Award-Best Memoir
Highest Traditions
Memories of War
   Highest Traditions, is the story of the author's 21- month tour of duty in Vietnam.  During the years 1966 and 1967, he flew over 250 missions as a helicopter door gunner on a UH-1D (Huey) helicopter. At that time, the average life expectancy of a gunner in combat was 20 seconds! He puts you beside him and whisks you off to the battlefield to perform a mix of hazardous  missions.  Read how helicopter operations were flown and why.  Discover the "A" Company "Little Bears", one of the most decorated helicopter units of the Vietnam War.

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The word came down, time to load up!

"A" Company 25th Aviation Battalion "Little Bear"
ships displayed the markings of a white bear armed
with a lighting bolt. Fast and deadly.


We were from California, New Jersey, Texas, Iowa.

from the pages of Highest Traditions:
Everyone knows that at twenty you are invincible. Soldiers bleeding, downed Hueys, smoldering ashes whipping around a helicopter caught in the violent turbulence of its rotor blades. Shoot anything that moves.  We had the sixth sense that protected only the chosen few. The unlucky could only be remembered for a short while.  New people, new ships, new missions, the next mission, that's all there was.  Get ready, stay prepared, stay loose, and smoke 'em when you got 'em.  You are known for what you do.  There is no hiding, lying or cheating.  Bullshit carries no weight.  Your word, your action, your machine gun is who you are.  Period.

Tony Lazzarini with "Little Bear" six two six.

Little Bears in action.

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Highest Traditions-6 x 8 1/2 Hardback-153 pgs, 12 full color pictures.

Covering grunts as they rush into our chopper.

The average life span of a gunner in combat was 20 seconds.

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