Willmott, the Night Owl's Holy War of Liberation defending  life and Equality of law and justice!

   Burn this rag!And burn this rag!  Save America!

A vital message for the survival of the Evil Triad of Bush, Blair and Olmert!
Click  these words to see:
"How not to Inflame Iraq"
By Dr. Jarad Zarif, Iranian Ambassador to the U.N.
 "How to stay alive, thrive and free!
John W. Willmott, Freedom Fighter defending life, law and justice equal for all!

Freedom Fighter John W. Willmott says talk with me!

The Evil Triad's victims shall rid the world of every Zionist and tyrant supporting Zionism and illegal conquest
 Just as we veterans of WW-2 got rid of Hitler for doing in principle what you, the Evil Triad is doing today!
The Terrorist Scare! Are you scared? Better be!
A call to arms against the forces of evil!
The "Evil Triad" of Bush, Blair, dead Sharon!
    Now it's Bush, Blair and Israeli P.M. Ehud Olmert!
Who would steal Palestine and kill those who resist!
Long live   Palestine!
Long live  Free Iraq!

 And Long Live  A Free America!

It shall be free of Zionists and their supporters!

We rescued our proud flag flying over the polluted White House!
 And its  victims hit the polluting Zionist Israeli forces of evil!
He who rejects the law of the 6,446,131,400 souls of the 191
nations of the world will meet face to face with God's
animal law of the jungle of kill before being eaten!
The only road to peace, security, prosperity and
happiness is by respecting all life, all people
as equal, all religions and equality of law
and justice as the basis of civilizatkion
where people can live without fear
of justifiable liberaton freedom
and revenge attacks for the
illegal obsceneties The
Evil Triad commited
who are meeting
now face to face the
brave freedom fighters
of Palestine's Hamas and PFLP
and Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades who
with Hizbollah are fighting for their moral
legal and God given rights to be alive, thrive and
live free and equal on their own home grounds as is inate
in all animals and some of mankind when threatened and or
attacked on their own home breeding grounds by the Evil Triad!

A smart Jew!
Go to War  here!
Or Make peace here!
You choose life or death here!
We freedom fighters are nice law-abidng folks
who offer you peace, security and freedom from fear
merely for you obeying the law, treaties, conventions and
The Charter of the U.N. to which you are signatory!
As we and most of the rest of the world of
6,446,131,400 souls of the 192 nations
of the world see it, we and "they"
will no longer let you "run"
the RED LIGHT rule
of law which is
the basis of
You see,
you of
The Evil Triad
are out of manpower
allies willing to die prematurely,
credibility, respect and frankly, the very
real ability to win your illegal wars in Palestne,
Iraq, Afghanistan, any contemplated war aganst Syria
and Iran and the little "shrub" Bush's self declared war to end
terrorism forever by attacking the justifiably irate Freedom Fighters
on their own home ground rather than here in the USA which is
the source of the Evil Triad's attempt to take over the world
by terrorist armed force while supporting Israel's illegal
occupaton of The Golan Heights, Sheba Farms area
of Lebanon and all of Palestine to displace the
Palestinian "untermenscen" goyem to
create "lebensraum" for any self
proclaimed "Race Of Aryan
Supermen" or self anointed
"God's Chosen People"
with the arrest and
torture of those
who legally
protest and
the summary
murder of those
who resist along with the
"extra judicial" assassination of
their leaders by attacking them across the
legal Green Line border using U.S. supplied most
modern military weapons aganst innocent women, children
and babies in homes, schools and in the streets.
You folks of The Evil Triad of GW Bush, Tony Blair and Israeli P.M.
Ehud Olmert and MFA, Tzipi Lippi and others have a daily
declining some 370,000,000 souls who are now getting
more than uneasy at your total disregard for equality
of life, law and justice for all which is the direct
cause of the "insurgent's" freedom fighting
using terror as a weapon for which you
have no defence except to obey the
laws to which you are signatory!
Folks this tit for tat terror
is like a puppy chasing
his tail around a
fire hydrant
him no
place in the
world and leaves
him exhausted and maybe
dead for doing down and dirty dumb
dog things which even smart dog would not do!
Are you smart or down and dirty dumb? We offer you the choice!
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And the home of Freedom Fighter Ethan Allen, his Green
Mountain Boys and the Night Flying Predator and Rat
Killer Owl and others defending all life, the rule of law
and the Constitution of the United States of America
with equal opportunity to pursue happines and
liberty by fighting for equal law and justice !
To be free, learn all about freedom fighting counter terrorism!
The war against illegal armed terrorist occupation!
Join us and end illegal oppression!
Talk with me here!

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