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"Book Stack" by Jackson, Creative Commons

We are no longer reading submissions
for the Autumn 2015 Unformed issue.
Reading for the 10th-Anniversary issue begins:  September 15th, 2015.
You'll find our submissions email-address info below.



here for the current and upcoming themes.
Artists' guidelines

Address submissions to editor: Eve Hanninen.

Submission guidelines:  Submit 3 or 4 (single-spaced) unpublished* poems in the body of 1 email, and please make sure the word "Submission" and your last name are in the subject line.  (Only 1 submission package per reading period, please;  if you are invited to resubmit, please wait for a subsequent issue, unless the invitation asks you to submit more for the same theme.)  If there is special formatting for any of your poems, indicate that this is so in your cover email, and if I'm interested in selecting your poems for publication, you may be asked to resubmit in Word, Wordperfect or Rich-text format attachments to clarify.  Otherwise, please:  DO NOT SEND ATTACHMENTS unless directed to do so or you have previously been given permission to send them;  OR unless you QUERY FIRST.

Simultaneous submissions OK, if you notify me immediately after work is accepted elsewhere.  Please state at the time of submission which of the poems are already under consideration elsewhere.   

Responses made in 1-3 months, typically (as this is a triannual publication, not a quarterly), although occasionally it may be shorter or longer.

Poems on all subjects considered (but see the upcoming general themes column on this page for triannual slants. Quality poems tucking into these ideas will have the highest success rates of acceptance).  I look for strong imagery, metaphor, and poems with a bias for introspection.  I want to see fresh subjects, layered meanings, sophisticated themes, juicy language.  Free verse and traditional, lyric forms with any PoV welcome.  Craft matters.  Be prepared to consider revisions.

Please include a short Bionote (50-150 words avg.) with submission, or upon notice of acceptance.
  Please note that we no longer print information about specific prize nominations (since mid-2008), such as Pushcart or Best of the Net, as nearly all of our contributors have had at least 1 nomination from such organizations.  We are happy to list your prize wins and other accomplishments.  If your work is accepted early in the publishing trimester, please follow-up later with additional credit updates if you wish to have them included by proof time.
Payment for publication is a complimentary digital pdf copy of the issue your work appears in.    

*The Centrifugal Eye acquires First Rights and Exclusive First Electronic World Serial Rights for all work published, unless otherwise negotiated. This means that all written works (including poems, essays, reviews) and artwork submitted to TCE have never been previously published (print or electronic;  see below for exceptions).  Please include first publication acknowledgments to The Centrifugal Eye in any subsequent publications.

It is considered polite and professional to wait until after the current issue passes before submitting reprints to other online publications – when submitting your work to The Centrifugal Eye, be aware that you are agreeing to grant TCE exclusive electronic rights† for that work, should it be accepted, for a period of 120 days, as well as a non-exclusive right to maintain a copy of published work in TCE's journal archives, indefinitely (permanent archival cannot be guaranteed‡).

Many print journals that look to acquire 2nd or 3rd Reprint Rights also appreciate a 90-day cooling period after initial publication. You should credit The Centrifugal Eye for first publication.  As of May 2009, TCE issues (including select back issues) also began to appear in print-on-demand format.  Your work in TCE is considered both an online and print credit.   

†By agreeing to allow "Exclusive First Electronic Rights," you give permission to The Centrifugal Eye for the exclusive appearance of negotiated work as stated above, and you agree to refrain from republishing same work accepted by TCE elsewhere online or in print while the issue featuring your work is current. Be aware we consider that to "publish/republish" includes any public display (including your personal website) of your work, except for poetry critique workshops that are private forums (require log-in membership to view). 

If you have had work published previously in print journals (not electronic) which you feel might meet current or upcoming themed issues, Query me for possible special consideration, but please do not send previously published material without asking.

Depending upon future webspace limitations, not all works will remain archived online.  Some of them are being collected in a new publishing format, and others may be included in an anniversary anthology. 

Curious as to what sort of voices or styles we're looking for?

Think Billy Collins, Rita Dove, Pablo Neruda, Ruth Stone, John Steffler, Laurie Lee, Cheryl Savageau, Jimmy Santiago Baca, Floyd Skloot, Sharon Olds, Camille Norton, Jared Carter, Joy Harjo...

But we're also open to your voice. Let us hear it.

Please note there are 2 different email addresses being used.
These help sort the many correspondence letters from the equally abundant submissions.  Please try to use the correct email for your purpose; we'll be ever so grateful for your compliance.

Click these addresses to send mail:

For Poem & Manuscript Submissions,
please use this email address:

Poetry Submissions to The Centrifugal Eye

(if above link does not work, copy and paste this address:

For Queries & Correspondence:

Editor at The Centrifugal Eye

(if above link does not work, copy and paste this address:

Tips for greater success at acceptance:

Follow the Guidelines carefully.
(If you have not read the Guidelines, or disagree with TCE's editorial and publication policies, do not complain or harass the editors if your submission is rejected for non-compliance. Better yet, do not submit to TCE if you don't agree with our policies.)

Very short and very long poems must be sublime, of course.

Be consistent with punctuation; use it well; or don't use it all.

Expand your vocabulary. There's an average of 150,000 words in many standard dictionaries, yet the same 25 words show up repeatedly in nearly every 2 out of 5 poems editors receive.
Most often, "Show, don't tell."  Some telling works.

Here's a big one:  *View editor involvement as a sign of appreciation.*

Send in your best work, and still be willing to negotiate minor changes or revisions, if asked.

Market yourself like a businessperson: Remain polite at all times, sell your strengths, accept both advice and rejection gracefully.

Read books on how to prepare manuscripts and poetry pages for submission -- just because one of TCE's incarnations is an electronic publication, it doesn't mean standard publishing practices go out the window with technology!  For example:

Please include your name in the submission.
Lastly, whatever else makes the editor happy.


If you want to produce an unhappy editor:

Don't read the submissions directions, do send previously published materials without remarking upon their appearances, allow for duplicate publications in other magazines without prior agreement, neglect to answer all of the editor's questions, and believe that you (and only you) are perfect.

Themed Issues:

Accepting submissions
after September 14th:

Volume X, Issue II
Spring, 2016

10th-Anniversary Issue
A Toast to 10 Years of Poetry
Reading: 9/15/15-12/15/15.

Call for submissions:



Happy Anniversary!


On August 5th, 2015, The Centrifugal Eye reached its 10th-year marker!  To celebrate that grand feat, our next issue’s focus will commemorate this anniversary by remembering the effects our most beloved poets have on us.  We’ll sing the praises of any published poet, alive or dead, whom you admire, or even emulate, through the showcase of your own poetry.


Please send us 3-4 of your unpublished poems that are written either in the manner of, inspired by, and/or dedicated to* your favorite published poets (a trail of previously published works allows our readers to research and study the writers you think so highly of).  We especially would like to receive poems written after the fashion (style, format, subject matter) of poets with recognizable voices.  Sharply crafted free verse and form poems equally welcome.


*Please note the name of the poet who is associated with each poem you submit, labeling with one or more of these attributes:  “in the manner of,” “inspired by,” and/or “dedicated to.”            






Future Themes:
(Due to the high volume of submissions, theme-related poems get priority consideration over general material, but targeted seasonal material is also welcome. Consider time of year for the issue you are submitting to;  if not North American, associate regional climes in poems, such as within title, if not in the body.)

The Centrifugal Eye's
10th-Anniversary Anthology
(2nd book in Series)

A Staff-Selected Anthology of TCE Contributors' Works from 2011-2015

The Centrifugal Eye Poetry Journal will be on hiatus 2016-2017.  Intermittent publication projects produced by Centrifugal Works, The Centrifugal Eye's book publishing imprint, will remain active during the magazine's hiatus. 



Seeking essay submissions:

First-person essays about aspects of your "Writing Life" wanted -- 500-2,500 words on such topics as: how writing relates to your job, your writing habits, what inspires you, or who encouraged you to write, etc. Keep it brief, but interesting, by choosing a specific slant on this broad subject.  Essays that dovetail with current themes are not only highly desirable, they are also practically mandatory for acceptance.  Be personal. Humorous or serious narrative equally acceptable.  You may query the editor to make a pitch.  We acquire First Electronic Serial Rights, and well as First N. American Print Serial Rights.

Visual artists:
Looking for original photos and artwork. Or please inquire if you'd like to collaborate with the editor to produce specifically-targeted illustrations. Otherwise, insert art files into email, if possible. Preface any necessary attachments with the title "TCE Artwork" in the email's subject line. You will receive a complimentary digital copy of the issue in which your work appears.  

We are looking for review essays on single poems and reviews of poetry collections published within the last 6 months to 3 years.  

Tell us what you think. Personable, conversational styles most welcome; academic studies also acceptable. The reviews may quote from author works, although entire poems will not be republished without author/ publisher permission ("Fair Use" only;  no more than 3-4 consecutive lines should be quoted in a passage). Collections must be previously published;  unpublished poetry collections are not eligible for review.

Word count for collection reviews: 750 to 2,500 average.
Word count for single poem reviews: 500 to 1,000 words, preferable. 
Exceptions may be made.
Include short Bionote (50-100 wrds.) with submission.
First Serial & First Electronic Rights.

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