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"Heron Cupola"
E. A. Hanninen, 2013

How to Use the Issuu Viewer:

A Guide to Reading The Centrifugal Eye, Using the Issuu Virtual-Platform Viewer  (hosted by


Currently, TCE's embedded viewer and the viewer now available at function virtually the same. You may access either one through links at the bottom of this page.

You do not have to register an account with Issuu at all if you merely wish to use either viewer’s functions to read any of TCE’s Issuu-platform editions. To subscribe to The Centrifugal Eye on Issuu, you must register with, create a profile, and then log in to your account at Issuu. 

(Please note that the Issuu viewer has recently changed.  While the directions below may help you get around the viewer fairly easily, some aspects may not coincide with your current experience.  A new guide will be forthcoming in the near future.) 


There are several ways to "customize" your preferred viewing: 


To enter the “fullscreen” method, just click on the journal's cover in the viewer.  The window will scale to fullscreen mode.  If you find the font is too small to read for your vision, you may click the page to zoom in.  Take time to move your cursor over the icons at the top and sides of the window to learn what they do.  Once you've clicked to zoom in, the icons at the top of the screen change to a new menu of functions.  Now you’ll find that the left icons are part of a slider bar, with a plus and minus sign on either side.  These icons control incremental settings for the zoom function.  Some mouse settings make clicking and dragging the slider bar's button easy, but if your mouse is overly sensitive, try clicking slowly on either side of the slider button (or handle) to make finer incremental adjustments.  Once you’ve gotten the page / text  to a comfortable size for reading, the zoom size stays the same until and unless readjusted.  You may then leave your cursor positioned over the arrow icon on the right side of the journal page (or now at the top navigation menu) and click it to advance pages, without the need to move the cursor, unless you'd like to click hyperlinks, for example.  


If you have difficulty adjusting the pages for comfortable reading in fullscreen mode, try the alternative viewing methods.  Look for the single and double-page icons at the top of your viewing screen.  The single-page icon will take you into presentation/page mode.

This mode is similar to the magazine format, except that you view single document pages without page-turning animation.  You may zoom in and make adjustments, use the index, and search the publication. 

This mode is also similar to the old Issuu paper view format, which is the viewing of the actual pdf files;  viewing allows you to scroll vertically, like you would through a word-processing document.  

If you can't get the double-page-spread magazine view to work for you, please try one of these other methods.


If you're not interested in reading the entire issue of the magazine  and want to find a specific page, a simple method is to leaf to the contents page first, just like you would a hardcopy magazine.  It's near the front.  Then there are several ways to find "page 48," or “the reviews.”

One way to do this is to “leaf through” by clicking pages until you get to your goal.  Another method is to click on the index icons below the journal.  You can rollover and select double-page spreads, or you can quickly select page-range sections by clicking on the horizontal bars beneath the page icons.  When rolling over the icons, you can get a pictorial overview of the whole magazine.   Click on the dbl.-page spread that shares the page number you found on the contents page. 

If you want to find a single page for a single author while in the viewer, you can add a forward slash and the page number to the URL and enter it in your browser's address.

Of course, if this were an ideal world for poetry, everyone would want to read the whole magazine, or at least thumb through for the art until they got to the 1 or 2 pages they wanted to read . . .


I hope you’ll take the time to familiarize yourself with the many ways to use the Issuu viewer;  The Centrifugal Eye is well worth any initial confusion while getting used to the viewer's navigation.


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Eve Anthony Hanninen
The Centrifugal Eye


Contemporary Poetry with an Eye Towards Resistance

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