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Tao of Reading Poetry

Readers' Survey for the triannual review column*
  by Karla Linn Merrifield

*Please note that Karla's reading/review list is full for another 2 years' worth of issues.  If you have a review idea, please query editor Eve Hanninen for availability of independent review by an alternate reviewer.
(Please visit our Submission Guidelines page for information
about upcoming issues' themes before submitting survey.)

What book of poetry are you currently reading? (Include title & author)
How did you come to be reading the book?
If OTHER, specify
How many books of poetry do you read on average each year?
Who's your favorite poet?
Your favorite book of his / hers?
Keeping TCE's upcoming themes in mind, what poetry book (include author) would you most like TCE to review?
Why do you think this would be a good book to share with TCE readers?
Now, most important, tell the story of how you came to read this book. Provide your answer in a short paragraph or two:
If available, provide the email address for the book's author:
Your Name:
Your email Address:
Highest education level:
Are you a poet?
Have you been published in TCE?
If YES (or pending), what issue(s)?
In addition to TCE, what magazines / journals do you regularly read?

Karla Linn Merrifield is the Triannual Review Columnist of The Centrifugal Eye.
You can find out what else Karla's been doing lately by reading the
new issue.


Contemporary Poetry with an Eye Towards Resistance

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