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February 2008 - Overview: Poetry
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Festival of Poetry

              Fertile Feasts & Festooned Festivities
                                                            from the Poets

Alicia Hoffman

Joy Harold Helsing

Kenneth P. Gurney

Howie Good

Richard Fein

John T. Clark

Laura A. Ciraolo

Len Bourret

Gerald Bosacker

Ellen Birkett Morris

F. D. Marcél

Donna M. Marbach

Ellaraine Lockie

Shelley Little

Joseph Lisowski

David W. Landrum

LeAnne Kline

Patricia Wellingham-Jones

Zyskandar A. Jaimot

M. J. Iuppa

Arts & Crafts Menu Border - Ca. 1910

Ken Whitmore

Earl J. Wilcox

Sam Vargo

S. Thomas Summers

Lynn Strongin

Peter Nezafati

John N. Miller

John Milbury-Steen

Nicholas Messenger

Eric Martin

Formal and Informal Dinners
Serving the Formal Dinner:
"The entire dinner may be served from the butler's pantry, having each course arranged on individual plates and placed by the waitress on the right of each guest, with the right hand, and anything which is to be served with the course passed on a tray at the left and low enough and sufficiently near to the guest to be easily taken with the right hand, or each dish may be so arranged on a platter, or serving dish on a tray, that the guest may easily serve himself." ~from New Dinners, ca. 1910.
Elizabeth O. Hiller


Contemporary Poetry with an Eye Towards Resistance

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