Born and raised in North Carolina, I now reside with my husband, Scott and 18 animals in Durham, NC. I have always loved animals and have been portraying them in my artwork since I was a child. I took a ceramics class under John Givvines at Meredith College in 1994. John threw pots, but naturally I wanted to make animals from clay. My first clay sculpture was of an elephant. It got into a show and immediately sold. I was hooked! I started making all kinds of animals and got many requests for cats, dogs, frogs, etc. The most fun process of making an animal sculpture is creating the face. I can't wait to see the personality evolving from the clay.

Each sculpture is hand built from coils or slabs of clay. I do not use molds. After the piece dries, it gets bisque fired to 1940 degrees. The work then gets glazed and fired again. It's an amazing process of taking an idea or photo and transforming it into a sculpture. Often times I am so involved in the creation process that I loose track of time.

My husband and I built a farm and moved to Durham in 2006. We have llamas, horses, pygmy goats, sheep, pot belly pigs, dogs, and cats. I have always been fascinated by the emotional lives of animals. They are a delight to behold, often providing inspiration for my work. Animals have the capacity to experience a wide range of feelings. I love to explore these in my sculptures and share all the magic of life through my art.