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Education is the most powerful ally of Humanism, and every American public school is a school of Humanism.  What can the theistic Sunday Schools, meeting for an hour once a week, and teaching only a fraction of the children, do to stem the tide of a five-day program of humanistic teaching?” - C.F. Potter
Sermons -
* "How Great Is Our God" - DVD Lou Giglio on the Chris Thomlin Tour clips
* "Sermonsaudio.com"- Download or streaming audio and video by Bible, topic, or speaker
* "Sermonindex.org" - Download or streaming audio and video by Bible, topic, or speaker
Studies - multi week
* "The Truth Project": 13 part small group DVD Christian worldview study. Clips
* "How Now Shall We Live?" - Colson - Based on Francis Schaeffer - 8 week VHS worldview study Review
* Koinonia House - Download or streaming audio and video studies
* Blue Letter Bible - Audio video studies, tools, devotionals, and online Bible
* Learn The Bible In 24 Hours - Audio Bible study online
* "American Heritage Series" - by David Barton (10 DVDs) - Wallbuilders Clips
* "Education And The Founding Fathers" - VHS David Barton Wallbuilders Clip
Keynote presentations -
* "The Influence of the Bible and a Biblical Worldview In America's Founding" - DVD  by David Barton of Wallbuilders. Clip
* "Three Worldview Trends Seeking to Destroy Your Faith, Family & Freedom": DVD  by Brannon Howse of Worldview Matters. Clip
* "Battle for the Mind" - DVD with Dr. David Noebel, David Barton, and Ken Ham Clip
* "Apologetics In the 21st Century": DVD by Ravi Zacharias. Clip
Documentaries -
* "Case for Faith": DVD  by Lee Strobel Clip
* "Case for Christ": DVD  by Lee Strobel Clips
* "Icons of Evolution": DVD by Illustra Clips
* "Unlocking The Mystery Of Life" DVD by Illustra Clips
* "Where Does The Evidence Lead?" DVD by Illustra Clips
* "Epicenter": DVD by Joel Rosenberg and Skip Heitzig Clip
Feature Films - 90min and over
* "Expelled": DVD by Ben Stein Clips
* "Resurrection": DVD by Max Lucado
* "Flywheel": DVD by Sherwood Pictures Clip
* "Facing The Giants": DVD Clip
* "Gospel of John": DVD Clips
* "Gospel of Matthew": DVD Clips
* "Falling Fire-The Book of Acts": DVD Clips
* "God's Outlaw-The Story of William Tyndale": DVD Clip
* "John Wesley": DVD The classic 1954 Production Clip
* "The Perfect Stranger": DVD An apologetics story Clip
Classic Films
* Biblical Movies online - full movies on youtube.com
* "Pilgrim's Progress" DVD Clip
* "Luther" DVD Clip
TV Shows
* "Drive Thru History": DVD TV series on American and Christian history Clips
* "Bibleman" : DVD TV series: Clips
* "Veggietales": DVD TV shows: Clips
Books -
* "Revival's Golden Key" -by Ray Comfort
* "The Harsh Truth About Public Schools" - by Bruce Shortt Video Commentaries
* "The Marketing of Evil" - by David Kupelian
* "God VS Socialism" - by Joel McDurmon
Streaming Internet Video - full length video on a variety of Topics
* Lee Strobels Apologetics playlists - also check out Lee Strobels other video resources at this site
* Mere Christianity - by C. S. Lewis - Online youtube playlist
* Worship Guitar Lessons with Coffey: Online guitar lessons
Christian Internet Audio and Resource Links-
Book Store -
* Family Christian Bookstores: Christian movies and books