Sighthound Items for Sale
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Sighthound Gift Wrapping Paper
(Available in gold, silver or fuschia - each sheet is 60" x 26")
Great for Christmas or Birthdays!
Gift wrapping paper
Unique trophies!
A gift in itself!
Discount available to dog clubs.
     One 60" x 26" sheet (gold, silver or fuschia)
     $5.00 ea. + 1.50 postage
     Three 60" x 26" sheets (one of each color)    
    $12.00 ea. + 3.50 postage

"Zillah" print
(8" x 10', unframed)
Zillah painting
Full color photographic reproduction.
$25 each + 2.50 postage

Unique Saluki Notecards
packages of 20 cards with matching envelopes
Egypt Card

Egyptian Song - in Astroparche earthtones
Silhouette card

Saluki Silhouette - in vibrant Astrobrites

(More coming soon!)
$5.00 + $2.00 postage

Order Form
To order, send check or money order to:
J & L Brabyn, PO Box 2627, Mill Valley, CA 94942

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