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Reviews I love this book!!!! You're a cool writer!

"This thoughtful, uplifting story of a young girl coping with the problems of living in an alcoholic home offers inspiration and encouragement to young readers who must endure similar difficulties."

"You are really doing a great thing for kids [by writing this book]."

"Hold On, Jessica, Don't Let Go is a remarkable children's book in that it is not only an interesting, well-written story, but it will inspire and encourage children who live in alcoholic homes. This book should be in the children's section of every library."

"I really liked your book and I really hope you are going to write more children's books." (11-year-old girl from Holland)

"This book is an invaluable tool for children with the misfortune of having an alcohol or drug addicted parent. It gives hope and solutions for dealing with the problem. The story is interesting and has fine characters and also some suspense and excitement. It shows tolerance and love as well."

"Hold on, Jessica, Don't Let Go was well written. It is an honest portrayal of a child caught in a situation she cannot change. But it does give hope. Jessica is determined to rise above her circumstances."

"Read the whole book last night and was moved by the process Jessica experienced."

"Very good. How accurate, as I grew up with a raging alcoholic...I know [this book] is needed."

"Your book is very well written and a valuable contribution to any children's library."

"Jessica was very enjoyable. It definitely gives hope to the children who find themselves in the same situation. I love how you explained that her father probably hated what he'd become and was ashamed, but just couldn't stop himself."

"Hooray for Jessica, she looks to the future, and realizes she can break away from the past and begin anew. All the best with your writing. You have a clear understanding of young people's feelings."

"Deanna [Hessedal Tiddle] is a wonderful writer, full of insights into children's lives, able to entertain while she plants insights into young readers' minds. Her writing is a fabulous replacement for what comes in on television, and she has many important and relevant messages for her audiences of children and young adults. Her style isn't similar, but I see marks of her being an S. E. Hinton (The Outsiders) of her time, unafraid to tackle big issues or to write stories in which bad things can happen."

*These reviews were left by readers on,, and in Guest Comments. If you have read Hold On, Jessica, Don't Let Go, you are also welcome to share your opinions at the above sites. Thank you to all who kindly took the time to write reviews.

From a Safe Schools Project: "...It is a wonderful book that explores the true-to-life feelings of the child of an alcoholic parent including the embarrassment, the anger, the fear, the sadness and insecurity. ... This is a well-written, thoughtful and compelling story of a young girl coping with the problems of living in an alcoholic home..."
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