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Without warning, Amber finds herself plunged into confusing and scary events from the past. She tries to keep these experiences secret out of fear that people will think she’s making them up or losing her mind.

How can the past be hanging around the present for her to slip into? She researches what “brainy people” (physicists) say about time and learns it’s more complicated than simply what clocks and calendars measure.

Can Amber keep both her sanity and her sense of humor in the midst of all this mysterious weirdness?

She learns things she hadn't previously known during some of her visits to the past, such as what really happened to her family’s dog. She wishes a similar visit could solve the puzzling disappearance of her little brother.

Still, she’s desperate to figure out how to stop slipping into the past before she becomes stuck there forever.

A Time Mystery
What's a Reluctant Young Time Traveler to Do?
is now available in both electronic and paperback editions!
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