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The Dog's Rebuttal

The Dog's Rebuttal
by Deanna Hessedal Tiddle

Hi. I'm the dog complained about in the first story. I think it's time I get to tell my side of things.

Now don't get me wrong. I am grateful Deanna rescued me from that noisy pound. And I heard rumors around there that if someone didn't adopt us, something not so much fun might happen.

So I'm happy to have a nice home. However, I didn't know I'd have to share it with a cat. And, I admit that early on, I actually tried to catch and do extreme bodily harm to that creature.

Deanna, the spoilsport, stopped me. She was pretty annoyed with me, and I didn't want her to return me to the pound. So I don't do that anymore.

But she and the cat should realize that it was just my nature to chase, and hopefully catch, other creatures. It was nothing personal. So I wish Kitty would get over it. Boy, does she carry a grudge!

If I try to be friendly to her, she actually snarls at me. And then I get in trouble. Just ask Darius, my human buddy; he's seen her and he doesn't think it's fair either. But don't ask Steve; he's a cat person and would never stick up for me over that cat. I like him anyway.

All in all, I guess I have it pretty good here. I really like it when visitors come to see me. I jump up on them to show how glad I am to see them. But Deanna (again the spoilsport) makes me get down. I think she's jealous that her friends like me so much. So, if you come, pretend that you came to see her.


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