Hold On, Jessica, Don't Let Go
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A novel of hope for young people

Can eleven-year-old Jessica run away from her life?

It's so hard living with an alcoholic parent.

The embarrassment. The anger. The fear.

And worst of all is the emptiness in her heart where a father's love should be. How can she keep hearing his cruel words? What will the other kids think if they see her father drunk? How can she protect her three-year-old brother?

Will she ever be able to escape? How? Is she doomed to have the kind of life her mother has? Jessica becomes more and more discouraged.

But, as she turns 12 and then 13, she begins to figure out which things she can't do and which she can. She makes important discoveries. And she makes plans.

* The quotes to the right about Hold On, Jessica, Don't Let Go were
taken from the DOD Safe Schools Substance Abuse Prevention Project.
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"...It is a wonderful book that explores the true-to-life feelings of the child of an alcoholic parent including the embarrassment, the anger, the fear, the sadness and insecurity.

"... This is a well-written, thoughtful and compelling story of a young girl coping with the problems of living in an alcoholic home..." *

Copyright 2001 Deanna Hessedal Tiddle. All rights reserved.