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"Win at the shelf." Daily stories on the end-use of corrugated packaging sourced, written, edited and posted on the Web for a business intelligence firm serving the forest products and paper industry.

Happy Feet DVD


Warner Bros. makes major eco-friendly packaging move


The Colonel

Not your Colonel Sanders Party Bucket: take-out embraces packaging innovation

Ocean Spray

Ocean Spray price-dispute lawsuit breaks as FTC calls for repeal of Robinson-Patman Act

Packaging Corporation of America
GP's nine ways to win with retail sustainability

space holder


Arkay says packaging must communicate with the consumer




Pizza comes out of the box: paperboard pushed aside for mod, eco-friendly packaging

Graeme Hart


Hart spends US$5.6B in past 18 months on global packaging assets; industry consolidation to continue

Talking paper


Swedish scientists invent talking paper


Tetra Pak milk


Tetra Pak anxious to tap dairy industry in India

Ocean Spray

PCA considers itself in the service industry; keeps employee at Staples headquarters

RFID RFID chips help track buying behavior



Big push in DVD retail: Hollywood slim pack a dramatic step for movie lovers' disc storage

Hershey display

Kurig, Hershey win club stores by packaging "Selects"

Miner's Gold Beer

Bottled beer comes out of the carton pack, slides into paperless multipack

PlantLove Lipstick


World's first biodegradable lipstick uniquely wrapped





General Mills joins smaller packaging trend




Facelift for "Ice" in-a-box packaging mimics consumer soft drink industry

Redpath Half

Sonoco features bilingual brand identity on same can

aquaICE Facelift for "Ice" in-a-box packaging mimics consumer soft drink industry

Green & Black's Organic brand Green & Black's defends excessive packaging

Nestle Turtles


Nestle Turtles goes from display carton to candy dish with soft, slider sides

Tetra Pak Gemina


Tetra Pak sells new aseptic carton packaging line in spain

Grabb-It Altivity puts a new twist on plastic shopping bags

Sugarcane clamshell Demand for biodegradable packaging huge among frugal college students

The Colonel


Kraft, Budweiser, and Pepsi tap interactive packaging

Dora The Explorer


Nickelodeon kids help move millions of solid board fruit trays in the U.S.

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