I had heard mumblings and rumors of the Kerrville Folk Festival for several years but never thought too much about it until this year, when I decided to send a tape of two songs, "Thomas" and "Let's All Root For The Home Team" to the Kerrville New Folk Songwriter's Competition. These songs gave me entry to what turned out to be a magical land where music and songwriting were front and center, not just on the main stage, but all over the Texas Hill Country setting. Out of hundreds of applicants and 32 finalists I was chosen as one of six New Folk Award Winners. Am I new or folk? I have not been thinking of myself as either, but now, with a sprinkling of Texas dust from the Kerrville Festival paths on me, I think I must be both.

To see photos of myself, the other award winners (all of whom I can recommend wholeheartedly, Rod Kennedy (the wonderful Kerrville producer and presenter), Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul and Mary member and New Folk founder and presenter), and others on photographer Jim Dirden's webpage, click below.


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