Profitable Doctrines
from an Endtime Prophet.

R. Michael Hands, Th.D.


2KI 9:30 Jezebel’s sin recorded in the bible is a warning to future generations of women who willingly disobey God.

Creating a fancy hairdo,covering her eyes and face with makeup and bright red lip stick to cover her sin. Jezebel did this to entice God's man to overlook her evil life, but enhancing her femininity did not stop God’s man from passing a death sentence upon her.

Though the offer of sex for freedom did not tempt God’s man, this lesson has not stopped modern women from imitating Jezebel’s wicked painted ways as a means to trick God's holy man.

1PE 3:5 The King James Holy Bible says, "Wives if you trust in God be in subjection to (obey) your husband”.

Satan's direction for women today is; to have complete control of their lives and not let patriarchal oppressors (man) or God decide, govern or hinder their quest for autonomy and freedom from mans rule.

Claiming to have the right by any means to overcome mans “abuse” they constantly attack men through physical, emotional, verbal, educational, psychological, financial and spiritual means.

Females today seek independence from God and patriarchal authority from all men who disagree with the post-patriarchal (vaginized, emasculated, feminized) example they choose for their spiritual liberation.

Pentecostal wives and daughters must be governed with a heavy hand to avoid the feminine pit of rebellion. Man’s obligation is to teach women obedience, love, honor God and love their husbands.

When a husband is worthy (bible student) his wife must be a helper to him, but if rebellious she will be an opposing force with very little harmony and happiness in the marriage of the uncontrollable and stubborn wife.

JUD 16:15 A selfish women’s love depends on how much she can get from her husband to satisfy her worldly goals.

1CO 11:3, EPH 5:23 During marriage a woman's P.M.S. (bi-polar) mood swing can be a major deterrent to marital peace and harmony. If she accepts Jesus as head of the church and her husband as the last word for any argument she formulates her obedience will overcome P.M.S. syndrome.

1PE 3:6 A Pentecostal wife must address her husband as lord or "boss" and be subject to him until his death. He is to make all major decisions in the marriage partnership including limiting the wife’s credit.

The wife is not to have a separate checking or savings account in her married or maiden name.

If the husband is Pentecostal the wife must give all her earned, saved or inherited money to him. It is not for a Pentecostal wife to question her husband’s godly use of money.

If a Pentecostal husband is less educated in financial matters then his wife she may handle the distribution of their collective funds but only with his consent, oversight and prayer.

1PE 3:7 Because women are the weaker sex (lacking God’s ministerial gift calling) of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor or Teacher to govern the body of Christ they must not be “licensed/ordained” as a Gift Minister.

When a Gift Minister is present in a church service women must not teach or preach the bible. They are allowed to teach bible to male children under age thirteen and to women of all ages.

1PE 3:4 To eliminate any devilish confusion during church meetings women must remain quietly in the background. They are commanded to be silent and adorned with a meek and muted spirit.

Woman must not testify or sing solos in mixed male and female assemblies. This means no screaming, screeching, hollering, shouting in tongues, dancing, falling and rolling on the floor.

These physical female outbursts and gyrations are inspired by the Devil to disrupt Gods praise/worship service. One exception to speaking is; women may quietly say to themselves in the "language of Angels", "Thank you, Jesus".

Behavior breaking God's rule of church order by, vibrating, neck snapping, arm flapping, screeching rubber women who disobey the command for silence demands immediate correction by man.

Pentecostal Gift Ministers must not allow women to exhibit themselves in these wild and unscriptural ways. Only Only wanna-be gift ministers will allow unruly females to manifest the above errors without rebuking them.

EXO 15:20 Women are limited with pastoral permission to play the tambourine, dance and sing on the outer perimeter of the assembly not on or in front of the pulpit.

DEU 22:5 It is a "shame" sin for women to wear what pertains to or looks like mans clothing, pants, shirts, coats, etc. because this makes them look like female homosexuals,this includes wearing jewelry made specifically for men. Women are allowed to wear jeans under long skirts in cold weather to save their lives.

A long skirts are to cover the separation of buttocks made when creeping into and outlining female private parts. Women love wear to tempt men with the hint of seeing their secret parts.

Wearing revealing dresses is licentious, immoral and devilish. Women must dress chaste and modest in mixed company. This means no shorts, swimsuits, showing upper thighs, portions of breast or any hint of the female sex organ.

1TI 5:13 Widows must marry or they will become tattlers, busybodies and cause dissension in the church of God. Women are born with wild, raging, unresolved emotional problems and so must be governed by man.

1CO 11:6, 1TI 2:9, 1PE 3:3 It is a shame or sin for women to cut their hair short, braid or twine it. Women must not wear gold, pearls, rich or bright apparel or expensive hats and handbags, they may own gold and can wear silver.

The Biblical term "shamefacedness" means; women must not boldly hold eye to eye contact with a man not her husband, kiss or hug another man and must not with flattery say how handsome a man other than her husband is.

Women must not speak derogatorily to parents or friends about their husband (gossip). If nothing positive can be said they are to refrain from any comment. When counseling with a Gift Minister or Pentecostal "psycho-analyst" women must not make traducing statements about anyone.

MAT 19:8 Jesus said, from Adam and Eve (before and after conversion) divorce was never an option. No person, law or court has the right to end a marriage. God does not accept a "socially valid divorce".

After divorce remarriage is not allowed until the first mate dies, even if the mate was an idol worshiper (fornication). Pentecostal women that will not obey these godly rules of conduct are pretending to serve the Lord while in reality they are New Testamentlawbreakers.

1CO 11:6 First century A.D. synagogues required women to wear a veil on their heads during a religious service.

The veil indicates subjection to her husband and if unmarried that they are subject to God's laws. The veil is a reminder that Eve was the first to sin against God.

The Apostle Paul wrote, "Women without a veil on their heads are as being baldheaded", unnatural baldness is sin in women.

It is expected by man to want the woman he marries to be virgin and the woman should expect to marry a virgin. Virginity is the main physical asset for a happy married life.

This assures the husband that the woman when under sexual pressure before marriage said no to sexual temptation and kept her virginity intact. Right or wrong only the woman’s not mans past indiscretions are recalled to condemn her.

Married women with children "must be keepers at home" and not work outside the home until the youngest child is thirteen years old.

TIT 2:5 It is the woman's full time job to teach and care for her children and satisfy her husband sexually. The husband is to give his wife attention and praise and treat her with love as he did before marriage.

The wife must serve her husband with a smile, thanks and praise for working and learning to better their lives together and never to argue in front of their children.

The wife may think her husband does not deserve her total love and obedience but God says he does. Her responsibility is to be the best wife she can be under God.




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