Profitable Doctrines
from an Endtime Prophet.

R. Michael Hands, Th.D.


Investigation into the source of masturbation found this act goes back as far as the Egyptian Books of the Dead 1600-900 B.C. pg. 574

Ancient Hebrew teaching relates, “The dead are likened to semen and every garment and skin touched by the seed of copulation is as touching the dead”.

The practice of masturbation is and has for centuries been a worldwide form of sinless sexual release and gratification. Masturbation is preferred instead of adultery, fornication and pedophilia.

Masturbation with or without a partner is sexual manipulation of the genitals for personal pleasure. Masturbation can avert disease, adultery, fornication and homosexuality, these sex sins are the worst consequences of marital sexual abstinence.

LEV 15:32 Men have periodic nocturnal emission of sperm when manually manipulating the genitals or rubbing against bedding or inanimate objects.

Masturbation guilt is taught by ill informed parents, counselors and ministers. Fantasizing about your married mate during self-pleasuring is not sin.

Masturbation releases physical and emotional tension when distance makes sexual relations between husband and wife unavailable or if one is invalid.

EZK 23:20 Seed, (semen) from man when free of disease is clean. Semen is unclean when issuing from a woman after intercourse.

Bible teachers erroneously claim the 3500-year-old scripture of Onan's sexual experience teaches, “Do not masturbate”.

GEN 38:8, 9 When Onan's brother “Er” died childless his father “Judah” said to Onan; go into (have sex with) your brothers wife “Tamar” and the “son” she conceives will be as if it were your brothers.

This prophecy says "a man-child that should have been born but was stopped by the selfish desire of Onan caused the abortion murder of Tamar’s son".

Onan in the heat of copulation withdrew his penis from Tamar’s genitalia and spilt (aborted) his seed to the ground. Onan did not ejaculate his sperm by self-stimulation.

Onan’s reason for withdrawing was because he wanted a child of his own choosing and so killed Tamar’s son by withdrawal of his sperm.

When God the Holy Ghost inspects human temples (bodies) he looks for fornication (idols), whoring and misuse of money not if one masturbated.

Woman when masturbating have no sperm and free to self-pleasure to orgasm several times per day. Mothers must teach their daughters the art of Solo sex without feeling guilty or think it is sin or dirty.

God’s earthly temple the male and female body has 19 voluntary and involuntary issues.

1.) Afterbirth == Placenta and Membranes

2.) Blood == Internal/External loss

3.) Breast milk == Infant food

4.) Defecation == Evacuation of the bowels

5.) Masturbation== Sperm

6.) Menstruation == Shedding Uterine Lining

7.) Urine == Kidney waste

8.) Skin == Shed dead cells

9.) Nasal mucosa == Wet/dry

10) Saliva == Salivary glands

11.) Sweat == sudoriferous glands

12.) Tears == Tacrimal glands

13.) Vomit == Disgorged stomach matter

14.) Hair loss == Complete body

15.) Finger & toe nails == When removed

16.) Flatulence == Gas from large intestine

17.) Prostate == Ejaculatory fluid

18.) Pus == Bacterial Infection

19.) Vaginal Fluid == Whitish Liquid

Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers, Pope's, Elders, Bishops, Deacons and male and female Lay Preachers have or will pleasure themselves and if married will be helped by a spouse to masturbate each other.

Two thousand years ago when Jesus entered the Temple looking for sin he did not say, you dirty Priests have defiled my Father's house with your private solo-sex acts. No; because masturbation is not a sin to damn the soul.

1CO 6:13 Now the body is not for fornication but for the LORD; and the LORD for the body. Fornication has two biblical meanings; masturbation is not one of them.

1.) 1CO 10:7-8 Fornication the service to and worship of idols.

2.) 1CO 7:2 Fornication male and female copulation before marriage.

1CO 6:15 Know you not that your bodies are the members of Christ? Shall you then take these members of Christ and make them the members of a whore, by idol worship and unmarried sex (fornication), God forbid?

One psychologist taught that the absence of masturbation among boys during adolescence was regarded as a sign of mental disturbance.

During puberty masturbation is frequent. Though excessive masturbation is said by some to be pathogenic but this has yet to be empirically determined.

Adolescent males average two to three masturbatory experiences per week, seventeen per cent claim four to seven times per week. Ninety five per cent of male and female college graduates masturbate.

Female infants have been noted to masturbate as young as six weeks old by means of thigh pressure. Toddler girls have been seen to begin masturbation in a jumper chair.

Other preadolescent girls enjoy the horsy game, called “horse craziness” this masturbation occurs while bouncing on daddy's knee. Because the child enjoys this some interpret it as a form of child molestation. Is dad a pedophile?

The woman at menarche shifts the act of masturbation from the clitoris to the vagina for more stimulation.

Females when sexually aroused eject fluid to coat the vaginal wall. Clitoral stimulation to orgasms daily can help to discharge female sexual aggression.

Girls are not as easily detected masturbating as are males, unless seen in the actual act of digital stimulation. Many ten to fourteen year old girls over indulge in excessive masturbation, but this does not make them evil, psychologically ill or over sexed just normal.

Many growing girls use rhythmic physical exercises to sexually stimulate themselves to orgasm by sliding down ropes, bicycling, and horseback riding. When ovulation cycles are established girls understand and fantasize about penetration of their vagina by the male penis.

Sixty three per cent of college women masturbate; fifty nine per cent of unmarried women between the ages of fifty to seventy-five indicated they masturbated. Thirty per cent of married women from twenty to seventy years old admit they masturbate, starting from age twelve. Most of the rest lie about it.

Women have contributed to the general mystification of their genitals by their secretive attitude toward them and their disguised preference for interest in the male sex organ and buttocks.

The myth persists despite proof to the contrary that masturbation is physically or spiritually harmful. Married Catholics and priests masturbate and though it is not sin many feel condemned and guilty after or during the act.

ROM 8:35 Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, famine, nakedness, peril, sword, or “MASTURBATION”?

ROM 8:34 Who is he that condemns? It is Christ at the right hand of God, who also makes intercession for us when in real sin.

Though it adds nothing negative to man's eternal soul (body) Satan has made masturbation a false issue of sin. Rebuke the Devil and be happy. Too many pseudo-moral grace people listen when Old Nick says; look for “sins” not truth in the Bible.

I will give $1000.00 to anyone proving from the Holy Bible that masturbation is sin.


This addendum on "lust" is added for Bible students and Pastors teaching that masturbation is evil "lust."

Lust is elucidated very clearly in the Holy Bible and not one scripture using the word "lust" refers to masturbation.

Below are Bible verses using the word "lust" from the Hebrew/Greek interpretation in Strongs Concordance.

ROM 7:7 GREEK #1937, 1909, 2372 LUST; desiring another's goods or body, but does not suggest masturbation as sin.

EXO 15:9 HEBREW #5314-15 LUST; One human killing another.

PSA 78:31, 81:12 HEBREW #5314-15 LUST; Obese people counseling thin people to follow their greedy and insatiable lust for food.

PRO 6:25, 26 HEBREW #5314-15 LUST; Adultery and fornication. Men falling prey to whorish women who use their eyes to entice men into sex acts.

MAT 5:28 GREEK #1937, 1909 LUST; Unlawful desire by married men looking at women with thoughts of sex with them.

ROM 1:27 GREEK #3713-15 LUST; Longing for same gender sex. Men with men and women with women, faggots and dykes.

If masturbation is sin God would speak about it in scripture.

1TH 4:5, JAM 1:14, 15, 2PE 1:14 GREEK #1937-39 LUST; Longing for what God forbids. An evil inner longing that draws man away from a total commitment to God.

Only by obeying God's laws will we escape the corruption of Biblical "lust" so seek for virtue and praise to God.

1JH 2:16 GREEK #1937-39 LUST; Desire. If you love the world, the "lust" of the eyes, new cars, clothes, cares, furniture, houses, etc., you will not serve Master Jesus.


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