Profitable Doctrines
from an Endtime Prophet.

R. Michael Hands, Th.D.

Behold, the eye of the Lord is upon them that fear him.
Psalm 33:18

2TI 3:16 The doctrinal criticisms and judgments herein are the analect of God's legacy to man in biblical teachings for male "Pentecostals" 18 years and older.

2CO 7:8 Though some may be made sorry by these holiness doctrines I do not repent for copying them to this web page.

LK 6:35 God is kind to the evil.

GAL 1:10 The life goal of all Pentecostals is to daily persuade (convince) God they are living holy enough to be saved in the resurrection day.

GAL 6:4 Let every man prove his own work and then he will have rejoicing (for his good works and triumph over sin) in himself alone and not another.

1JO 4:6 He that is not of God cannot hear the spirit of truth (Holy Ghost) speaking through me.

2PE 2:7 Pentecostals are vexed in spirit seeing others disregard God's command to live holy.

1CO 5:12,13 Pentecostals are ordered; "Do not judge non-Pentecostals" God will do that.

To maintain a standard of holiness in God's church Pentecostals are commanded to judge all illicit behavioral patterns by Pentecostals only.

Then help correct all waywardness from God.

Pentecostals mentally and physically must reject all sinful behaviors of the great unwashed (pagans, heathens).

A reminder in love to the lost reading these doctrines, if you participate in sin beware God will judge you in his time and way.


  1. If you CAN/WILL, accept Christ Jesus as your Lord, confess your sins to God and daily live your life in holiness.

  2. If you CAN/WILL, be baptised under water in the name of the Lord Christ Jesus.

  3. If you CAN/WILL, receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost if God offers him to you.

  4. The Holy Ghost will enter you with the evidence of speaking the language of Angels.



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