Profitable Doctrines
from an Endtime Prophet.

R. Michael Hands, Th.D.


Others have said; Aids is not a gay’s their cure.

Queers are deviant, effeminate, HIV positive, Aids infected, rotten plague carrying man-devils.

Faggots manifest dog-like traits by sniffing rectums, licking the male organ of copulation and other vile anti-Christ behavior.

Enjoyment for perverted faggots is to recruit others for their unnatural, sinful and devilish lifestyle for their dark sub-culture and this makes them unfit to live with conventional humans.

ROM 1:27, 2KI 23:7, ACT 2:38 Faggots must be segregated from the general public to be free of their contagious AIDS filled lives. Queers should not to be given preferential treatment by society in any way regardless of how many laws fag lovers pass to favor them.

Early social training and manual instruction (masturbation) by inverts on children help keep their homo lifestyle active.

Fags did you know that a loving God did not genetically program you into the queer lifestyle of sin and shame but He turned you into a queer because of your personal choice to sin.

Continuing shameful sexual acts on each other, animals, dead bodies of humans and refusing to worship Jesus as Lord will damn all fags to the eternal lake of fire with Satan.

If you are straight (non-homo) but validate the fag’s lifestyle (mom & dad) you are a latent fag ready to turn or are full of the Devil.

2KI 23:7 For centuries’ men of God refused to allow faggots to live near a church of God, now they own them. Faggots attend church to convince others that God loves them and that being a pervert does not mean God is punishing them for sin.

1CO 6:9-11 Queers are sub-human, unclean, pathologically paranoid, depressed, neurotic socio-paths and only conversion by the blood of Jesus can reverse the fag’s hell-bound plunge.

Faggots and dykes should be forcibly conscripted into the armed services of the heathen country in which they live. Soldiers and queers are destroyers of humanity and worthy of damnation. There is no difference between a cock-sucking faggot and a killing soldier.

1KI 14:22, 15:12 and 22:46 Now is the time for society to publicly expose the ranks of demon possessed faggots by the Pentecostal “Holy Moral Minority” spearheading the search and revealing them.

GEN 19:4-5 About 6000 years ago at sundown in Sodom Israel, two Holy angels of God were sharing the laws of God with others when attacked by a band of Satan’s night roving faggots wanting to have anal/oral sex with them.

When suddenly the perverted pre-teens, middle aged and white haired old deviants were blinded by a burst of heavenly light from God's homophobic, "gay bashing” fag hating Angels.

Once perverts are destroyed town's people can have peace, God was and is against you faggot so watch out.

On the streets of Jerusalem Jesus saw the societal rot of homosexuality in male queers holding hands, kissing, and swishing about publicly in women’s dress.

Groups of butch dykes dressed like men were seen openly fondling each other, this taught young children that sex acts by queers and pederasts was a normal way of life.

Because queers are a public disgrace God was compelled to instruct the righteous to drive fags and dykes from their cities. Today Israel welcomes them.

DEU 23:17 Civilly followers of Jesus cannot do this but God’s plan is still sound and economically driving the fag out of town is an option. Lesbians are queer females determined to hate and undermine all male authority and given the opportunity urge heterosexual women to explore sexual acts with them.

Dykes seduce wives, daughters, infants and beasts for their unnatural dog-like sex acts and are consumed with so much lust of the flesh they cannot express normal love.

Other street titles for dykes are;

"Bull dyke, Butch, Bo-hunks, Sapphic primates, Menstruating cross dressers, Split muffins, Bitchy bitches, Little bastards out of Carolina, Hags S.F., Riot girls, Patio daddy-os, Handsome homegirls, Homeric tomboys, Hard and soft ballers, Rugby widows, Corporate nuns in sensible shoes, Bike messengers from hell, Power femmes with Turrets Syndrome, Backyard bitches and their dogs, Balloon smugglers, Funpigs, Menopause babes, Baby daddies, Pussy suckers, Cunt lickers, Pubic hair spitters".

It is acceptable for the righteous to heap words of filth upon the obscene dyke/fag and when seen in public ridicule and rebuke them; this will please the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.

The sexual climax of the vile and violent lesbian's assault of female on female is their one way trip to the eternal burning lake of fire.

Today dykes birth bastard children using semen from brothers, friends and faggots to continue their warped obscene, filthy, V.D. STD infected, drug dependent lifestyles. Only conversion to Jesus can rid man of this dyke plague.

ROM 1:24-28 Saints must continue an unrelenting war against the insidious homosexual’s mass assault on the world, remember within each faggot/dyke is a murderer.

Though many have murdered and are in jail thousands who have murdered remain free of punishment but their sin will be revealed on the great Day of Judgment.

Parents beware your sons and daughters are targeted for sodomy by sneaky homosexual child-molesters.

Do not be understanding and tolerant of the queer’s perverted lifestyle with a live and let live attitude even if one is a close family member.

Queers are hell-bound missionaries spreading their slimy, repulsive God/Jesus/Pentecostal hating religion of sick sex to the damned. For future sexual purposes and to deceive people a fag will claim to be a follower of Christ.

Though queers practice celibacy and even preach against the homosexual lifestyle eventually they return to their old evil perverted sexual ways.

Be wary gospel preacher of the so called "EX" queer they are just on a scouting mission for their master Satan to damn unaware church souls.

When queers claim conversion to Jesus it is prudent for church elders to carefully examine the fag's beliefs and lifestyle. If fags are offended by your inquiries separate them from your fellowship immediately.

God's Pentecostal witness to the queer is to be rebuked on sight this will show them the true love of God.

To avoid deliverance queers are directed by their demons to visit psychologists for human salvation. Psychological counseling of homosexuals will not help them because fags and psychologists are controlled by the same demons.

Only a Pentecostal Minister with God's truth and filled with Holy Ghost power to cast out devils can help fags out of their sick lifestyle.

Faggots committing unnatural sex acts on the same gender are atheists and if God converts a faggot a positive physical change in voice, mannerisms, demeanor and sexual abstinence will take its place.

It is pandering for mental health providers to make a fag or dyke feel good about practicing their perverted life of sin. Any way a person of God can make queers uncomfortable about their continuing evil lifestyle is acceptable.

To deceive others about wanting to change their way of life queers with great emotion mislead with lying psychobabble but until the unclean spirit of homosexuality is cast out the fag it cannot convert to God's laws.

JAM 2:3 Never call a faggot "gay". God describes gay as magnificent and gorgeous, queers are neither. Whoever rebukes the fag will be spared a part with them in the fires of eternal damnation.

ROM 1:24-29, 2THESS 2:11-12 "To be or not to be" most homosexuals may not have that choice.

God made men leave the natural use of the woman to burn in their lust one toward another; men with men dishonoring their own bodies between themselves, even women changed their natural use into that which is against nature because they did not like to keep God in their knowledge.

Satan convinces fags and dykes that fellatio, (sucking cock) and cunnilingus, (licking cunt) outside the male to female one marriage is accepted by God.

God was not going to be made a fool of when his creation turned into a queer so to recognize them more He added a long list of other evil traits to mix with fag/dyke perversion.

  1. Unrighteousness --- Treacherous.
  2. Fornication --- Including idol worship, harlotry and incest.
  3. Wickedness --- Degeneracy.
  4. Covetousness --- Greedy.
  5. Maliciousness --- Trouble maker.
  6. Full of envy --- Jealousy.
  7. Murderers --- Including abortion.
  8. Debaters --- Strife.
  9. Deceitful --- Guile.
  10. Diseased --- V.D. and aids.
  11. Whisperers --- Slanderers.
  12. Back-biters --- Negative talk about others.
  13. Haters of God --- Impious.
  14. Despiteful --- Violent.
  15. Proud --- Haughty.
  16. Boasters --- Braggarts.
  17. Inventors of evil --- Worthless things.
  18. Disobedient to parents --- Contumacious.
  19. Without understanding --- Spiritually unintelligent.
  20. Covenant breakers --- Treacherous.
  21. Without natural affection --- Hard-hearted.
  22. Implacable --- Truce-breakers.
  23. Unmerciful --- No healthy compassion. Anal lickers.

Did you recognize any of these attributes? If so you may be a closet queer?

1CO 6:9 Only the blood of Jesus can give freedom to a few faggots/dykes from the life of perversion. The lying Metropolitan Faggot Church of hollyweird claims you can be saved and remain queer.

If as a queer you think you can escape the queer lifestyle prove it by accepting Jesus as your savior and live free of your fag perversion.

To mans shame the worlds societies are becoming homosexual friendly in an attempt to take away a guilty conscience the queer may have about being evil.

Because fags are no longer ashamed of their filthy, vile, perverted behavior they do not fear God’s preachers telling them to turn or burn.

Even though sodomy is against the laws in most of American society it will not punish faggots as criminals caught in perversion but elect them to its government.

Aids will not stop homosexuals from entering fake marriages and having long term queer sexual relationships.

Fag ministries are generally run by "ex-fags" the blind leading the blind. Celibacy is not a cure for homosexuality.

Saying; “love the fag but hate its sin” is a joke in the queer community, an even bigger joke in the fag community are the numerous EX-fag ministries “TRYING” to save other fags.

Most “CONVERTED” queers stay in the "ministry" for only a few years before giving up and returning to their past sexual perversions.

Even a hint of homosexual immorality in speech, manners, clothing, etc. must be met with swift severe correction by the Pentecostal church immediate expulsion.

This approach may seem harsh to the weak minded, but temporary mental pain to the fag is better than eternity in the fires of hell.



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