Profitable Doctrines
from an Endtime Prophet.

R. Michael Hands, Th.D.


ďSong of SolomonĒ

Theologians ramble in their thoughts by comparing the female body described in the ďSong of SolomonĒ to the New Testament church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Some religious scholars have suggested the Song of Solomon to be a book of pornography and not read under the age of eighteen years.

The Song of Solomon's short eight chapters can be used for secular, sexual and simple anatomical counseling by worldly and Church instructors.

There is no historical data in the Song of Solomon to confirm King Solomon as its author, or why any reference to GOD was omitted.

Various orthodox biblical scholars have postulated that God was deliberately omitted because second marriage and fornication was rampant among the Hebrew social structure.

The detailed description of female body parts was written to a young man by an unknown virgin girl in Israel.

EZK 17:7 Your BREASTS (mature female) are fashioned (developed), and your hair is grown (long), while before you were naked (without much body hair).

Wholesale exploitation of the female body for sinful purposes has created a condemnation of men for glancing at BREASTS deliberately exposed to tempt them with sinful thoughts.

Men are accused moreover of being lustful and adulterous by glancing at female BUTTOCKS, LEGS, and HAIR also deliberately exposed to tempt men to sin.

Men have primal unconscious reassuring thoughts of happiness when they remember nursing at their mother's full and soothing BREASTS.

The evil inclination (Satan) recognizes this healthy propensity to view and touch the female body.

Women encourage this male pastime of looking and dress provocatively revealing just enough BREASTS to create lustful thoughts.

By design women's clothes are tight fitting with a bare-midriffs and shoulder-less blouses to ignite mans lower passions.

Females age 12-17 temp men with thoughts of adultery and fornication by wearing tight fitting daisy-may cutoffs that outline their vagina and tight T-shirts to accent youthful proud, perky TEATS.

Biblically God does not attach an immoral condemnation to men as lecherous sinners looking at unsolicited exposed female BREASTS, etc.

For varied reasons women married or single look at each other's BREASTS and BUTTOCKS, does this imply they too are sinners or just lesbians?

GEN 49:25 The God of your father shall help you and the Almighty shall bless you with the blessing of the BREASTS.

Blessings of the BREASTS or TEATS (HEB: a bulging, receptacle for milk) and PAPS (GR: full to bursting) is God's gift to the husband.

PSA 22:9 God made me HOPE (for security) upon my mother's BREASTS. Suckling a motherís or wife's TEATS can rekindle a sensation of togetherness.

SON 8:1 O that you (young male) were as my brother, which sucked and felt my joy of my mother's BREASTS.

When I find you I would kiss you, yes, I should not be despised (wanting you to suckle my breasts).

This teenage girl while thinking of her motherís BREASTS was consumed with a near incestuous desire to share this sexual act with a male friend.

SON 8:2 I would lead you (sexual instruction) and bring you into my mother's house who would instruct me (in satisfying you sexually).

Virgin girls are to learn from their mother before marriage the art of sexually gratifying a husband.

SON 8:7 I would then cause you to drink (cunnilingus) of SPICED WINE of the JUICE (moisture) of my POMEGRANATE (pink vagina).

HEB 13:4 Marriage is honorable in all and the bed undefiled. All consensual sex acts not causing pain are lawful for husband and wife to enjoy.

SON 8:10 My BREASTS are like towers (large) and then was I in his (young man) eyes as one that found favor (to marry).

Most women desire large BREASTS as proved by the myriad of female breast augmentations done each year.

Women use their BREASTS as power points for emotional control and to temper male/female conflicts and aggression.

SON 4:5 Your two BREASTS are like twin brown (the areola) animals, feeding among fragrant bell-shaped white lilies, near water.

SON 7:8 Your (virgin) BREASTS shall be as clusters of the grapes on the vine (ripe) to look at touch and taste.

PRO 5:19 Let her BREASTS satisfy you (1st husband only) at all times (even old age).

ISA 66:11 That you may SUCK and be satisfied (sexually) the BREASTS of her consolations (comfort).

Consolations (HEB: soothe grief) that you may milk (HEB: suck out) and be delighted (HEB: enjoy) with the abundance (size) of her GLORY (large teats).

Throughout man's life he remains an emotional infant desiring to suckle and fondle female BREASTS and thus relieve sexual tension and minor depressions.

Because divorce and homosexuality are epidemic in the Israel (2013) Jews have left the breast (of health) to suckle a sour teat.

EZE 23:21 Thus you (virgin) called to remembrance (were convicted by) the lewdness (filthiness) of your youth (sex acts) in bruising (fondling) your TEATS the PAPS of your youth.

It is not a sin but when friends or family members fondle a virginís BREASTS because of its consequences she should resist the delightful past time that bruising (rubbing) her TEATS affords.

Sadly many (male/female) learn too late this action is a precursor to sexual intercourse and detrimental to the virgin's physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

EZE 23:3 They (female Jews) committed whoredoms (with blacks) in Egypt in their youth. There their BREASTS (sinfully) were pressed and they bruised (excited) the TEATS of their virginity.

Many virgins experiencing sexual stimulation of their breasts turn to fornication or adultery and pander (cater to) other ungodly sexual behaviors.

A fondler may not know it but groping a virgin's breasts can point her to becoming a whore, yet she can reject and refuse this pleasant sexual behavior by just saying, no.

HOS 9:14 Give them a miscarrying womb and dry BREASTS; This curse from God is to virgins that enjoy using their BREASTS for ungodly recreational purposes.

LK 11:27 A certain woman said to him (Jesus), blessed are the PAPS (breasts) which you have sucked (mother Mary).

LK 23:29 Jesus said; yes but the days are coming when they (Hebrew women) shall say, blessed are the PAPS (breasts) which never gave suck.

Unmarried females are admonished to resist the PRIMAL urge of having their breasts fondled, groped and suckled.

SON 7:1 The joints of your THIGHS (upper legs) are like jewels (pleasent to look at) and can stimulate manís sexual urge.

SON 7:2 Your (Virgin) NAVEL is like a round goblet cup to be filled with the drink of love (semen).

Her BELLY is like a heap of wheat with lilies. The soft round BELLY of a virgin is pleasant to view and caress.

SON 7:5 The hair of your head is like purple (black) the king is held in its GALLERIES (HEB: long ringlets).

Hair is a sensual part of the female body and emits a chemical (pheromone) that stimulates mans sexual impulse.

SON 6:4-7 Your TEETH are like a mature flock of sheep which are come up from the washing where everyone has twins, with none broken, missing, or crooked.

Men find it hard to resist a request when given with a womanís lusty, inviting smile of milky white TEETH.

SON 7:9 The roof of your MOUTH (deep tongue kissing) is like the best wine that goes down smoothly.

SON 4:11 Honey and milk are under your TONGUE.

The ancient Hebrew practice of deep kissing awakens sweet sexual lust.

SON 7:8 The BREATH of your NOSE is like apples.

A healthy young virgin's BREATH can emit a sweet smell of fruit from God's garden to excite manís libido.

SON 4:9, PRO 6:2 You have ravished (obsessed) my HEART (mind) with one of your EYES. Females with an inviting wink or roll of an eye can tempt men to sexually crave them.

SON 7:1 How beautiful are your FEET with shoes.

Properly clothed a godly woman from the crown of her head to the bottom of her feet can become desirable as a queen.

SON 5:5 My HANDS dropped with Myrrh my FINGERS with sweet smelling Myrrh.

A precursor to intercourse by females is to use their HANDS and FINGERS to apply sweet ointments on her loverís body.

SON 8:6 Set me as a seal (tattoo) upon your ARM;

Emotionally lovers press naked bodies together like applying a tattoo on flesh.

SON 3:1 By night (sex thrives at night) on my bed I sought (wished for) him whom my soul (body) loves (lusts), I sought him but I found him not.

SON 5:2 Open (your legs) to me my sister (for incest) for my HEAD (desire) is filled with dew (pre-ejaculation fluid) and with the drops of night (wet) dreams.

Both sexes romanticize what they will allow to enjoy each other's body sexually.



OVARIES = Pomegranate

JUICE = Vaginal Fluid

JOINTS = Buttocks

HAIR, = Head, Pubic, etc

GLORY = Breasts

HEART = Mind















Men constantly think of and lust for female breasts and other body parts.

MAT 5:28 But I (Jesus) say to you, that whoever looks on a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his mind.

God does not restrict men from looking at or describing female body parts, only of thoughts that lead to adultery and fornication.



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