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Stephen Fuelleman


Welcometo the Bif! Bam! Pow! Game homepage from Entropy Games.

The Entropy System is a set of basic rules for role-playing games (RPGs). These rules are used for our first game, Bif! Bam! Pow!, which lets players enjoy gaming in the world of comic-book superheroes.

The game is designed to be easy and fun for both beginning role-players and veterans. Characters can be created in a few minutes, without a calculator, and without being simplistic stereotypes.

Characters may be created using the standard, random generation system, or using an optional, point based system. The random system actually blends pure random dice rolls with player design by means on an extra dice roll, called a Specialty roll. The results of this roll are extra points that can be distributed among the ability scores in any way you want, allowing you to shore up weak areas or supercharge things that you are already good at.

The game includes dozens of pre-designed powers, and rules for creating more, so the options are nearly unlimited.

But can these characters do what the comic book characters can? The answer is, "Yes". From the Bat-everything in the utility belt to leaping tall buildings, its all here and ready to play. I tested this out by using the rules to create many of the most popular characters from both DCTM and MarvelTM comics, and they all work.

So, how can the famous Iron plated Avenger lift a tank truck and throw it out to sea, without pushing himself into the pavement, or poking his hands through the bottom of the truck? The answer is inside. Why is it that the big guy with the "S" on his chest always manages to get there in the nick of time? The answer is inside. How does the caped crimefighter always manage to have just the gizmo he needs, when he needs it? The answer is inside. Why do villains constantly capture the heroes, and place them in elaborate death traps? The answer is inside. Why do heroes wear those funny suits? The answer is inside. How can your character do all these things in a game? The answer is inside!

So how do you get to read the answers to these questions? Get a copy of the game, and look inside!