If you have found buried Popeye treasure that you would like to sell or trade, then please contact me. I am always looking for Popeye collectibles I need. My primary focus is on Thimble Theatre from 1919 to 1950 with special emphasis on Segar-era Popeye items from 1929 to 1938.

1935 Sunshine Biscuit BoxFirst and foremost, I love paper! I am looking for a few Thimble Theatre Sunday pages and daily strips to fill the gaps in my collection. Currently I am interested in filling in my gaps to the pre-Popeye Thimble Theatre color Sunday pages between January 1925 and February 1930 as well as daily strips between December 1919 and August 1928. If you have newspaper comicstrips for sale or trade from these years, please let me know. I also specialize in Popeye related advertising and promotional items. Things like retail displays, salesman kits, trade ads, retail ads, promotional products, etc. I'm after anything I don't already have associated with Popeye brand flyswatters, Sunshine Popeye Biscuits, Westinghouse Madza Lamps advertising, Paramount's Popeye Club, as well as the mid-30s Popeye Radio Show sponsored by Wheatena hot cereal and later Popsicle. Early King Features Syndicate and Paramount promotional Popeye material is also always of interest to me.

Wholesale Catalog Ad for Popeye Flyswatters

I particularly need a better condition example of the 30s Popeye flyswatter and the retail card that held the 1934 Popeye Kazoo Pipe. And much more. If it's pre-1950 and has Segar or Popeye or Thimble Theatre cast members on it and I don't have it, then chances are I want it. Pictured on this page is a tiny sampling of my wants. If you have nice condition, 1930s or 40s Popeye material for sale or trade, please email me: CLICK HERE



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