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Welcome to the Vagabond's Road
Last updated October 18, 2008 - and about damn time, right?

"The Vagabond" ©1992 Aileen Rivera
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Welcome, friend!

Yes, I already call you "friend".  I would like to think that we may already be friends whether we have met yet or not.  Perhaps we were friends in another life, another time, another world.  The multiverse would be a much more pleasant place if everyone felt the same.  Don't you think?

You have come to a place that is made of imagination and reality, fun and serious matter, dream-stuff and nightmare.  Scattered about here, you will find gateways to some of my favorite places to visit, but you will find no "home" here as some may call it.  Feel free to wander around yourself.  After all, that's what the road is for, and I'm happy to suggest some open paths as well as destinations I've discovered in my own wanderings.  If you'd like further advice, look for me.  You will find various ways to contact me through my portrait above.  Perhaps I can help.

Most of all, enjoy yourself and have fun.  Be careful in your wanderings, though.  Don't just expect someone to be there to help you if you have not asked.  The multiverse wasn't meant to be a safe place, but it is certainly interesting out there.  If you're lucky, you just might meet new friends as I have.  If you do, hang onto them.  Keep them as close as you can as long as you have them.  You never know when or how you will lose them, and friends are the most valuable treasure there is.

I would love to have you come back and visit as often as you can.  This little corner of the multiverse is as unstable as I am, and changes come often and irregularly.  Be sure to let me know what you like or what you'd like to see in the future.  I want to hear from you.


Step through the door to see some of the paths I have traveled.

© 1994 Harlan Wallach

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