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What the Church says on the Latin Language
A solis ortus cardine (From Lands That See the Sun Arise)
Acts of Spiritual Communion
Actus Contritionis (Act of Contrition)
Actus reparationis (Act of Reparation)
Ad cenam Agni providi (The Lamb's High Banquet We Await)
Ad Sanctum Raphaelem Archangelum (To St. Raphael, the Archangel)
Ad te Beate Ioseph (To thee, O blessed Joseph)
Adeste, fideles (O Come, all ye faithful)
Adesto nobis (Assist us, O Lord)
Adiuvet nos (May We Be Assisted)
Adoramus te (We Adore Thee)
Adoro Te Devote (Hidden God)
Adsumus (We Have Come)
Aeterna caeli gloria (O Christ, Whose Glory Fills the Heaven)
Aeterna Lux, divinitas (Eternal Light, Divinity)
Aeterne rerum conditor (Maker of all, eternal King)
Ales diei nuntius (The Winged Herald of the Day)
Alia Oratio ad Sanctum Michael (Another Prayer to Saint Michael)
Alia Oratio post Missam ad Sanctam Familiam (Another Prayer to the Holy Family after Mass)
Alma Redemptoris Mater (Mother Benign of Our Redeeming Lord)
Angele Dei (Angel of God)
Angelus ad Virginem
Anima Christi (Soul of Christ)
Aprilis (April)
Attende Domine (Hearken, O Lord)
Audi, benigne Conditor (O Merciful Creator, Hear!)
Audit tyrannus anxius (With Terror Doth the Tyrant Hear)
Aufer a me cor lapideum (Take From Me My Heart of Stone)
Augustus (August)
Aurora iam spargit polum (The Dawn is Sprinkling in the East)
Aurora lucis rutilat (Light's Glittering Morn Bedecks the Sky)
Ave, augustissima Regina pacis (Hail, Most Venerable Queen of Peace)
Ave, crux sancta, virtus nostra (Hail, Holy Cross, Our Strength)
Ave Maria (Hail Mary)
Ave Maris Stella (Hail Star of the Ocean)
Ave Mater Dolorosa (Mother, Hail, Immersed in Woes)
Ave Regina Caelorum (Hail Queen of Heaven)
Ave Verum Corpus natum (Hail True Body Truly Born)
Benedicite Dominum (Canticle of the Three Young Men)
Benedictio Mensae (Blessings Before and After Meals)
Benedictus (Canticle of Zechariah)
Bone pastor, panis vere (Very Bread, good Shepherd)
Caelestis aulae Nuntius (The Messenger from God's High Throne)
Caeli Deus sanctissime (O God, Whose Hand Hath Spread the Sky)
Caelitum, Ioseph, decus (Joseph, the Praise and Glory of the Heavens)
Christe, qui, splendor et dies (Christ, Thou Who Art the Light and Day)
Christe, Redemptor omnium (Christ, Redeemer of All)
Christe, Redemptor omnium (O Christ, be Reconciled to Thy Servants)
Christe, sanctorum decus Angelorum (Christ, the Fair Glory of the Holy Angels)
Commemoratio Angelorum (Commemoration of the Angels)
Commemoratio Beatae Virginis Mariae (Commemoration of the Blessed Virgin Mary)
Commemoratio Crucis (Commemoration of the Cross)
Commemoratio Pretiosissimi Sanguinis (Commemoration of the Most Precious Blood)
Commemoratio Sacratissimi Cordis Iesu (Commemoration of the Sacred Heart of Jesus)
Commemoratio Sanctae Scholasticae (Commemoration of St. Scholastica)
Commemoratio Sanctae Trinitatis (Commemoration of the Holy Trinity)
Commemoratio Sancti Antonii (Commemoration of St Anthony)
Commemoratio Sancti Benedicti (Commemoration of St. Benedict)
Commemoratio Sancti Francisci Assisiensis (Commemoration of St. Francis of Assisi)
Commemoratio Sancti Gabrielis Archangeli (Commemoration of Saint Gabriel the Archangel)
Commemoratio Sancti Ioseph (Commemoration of St. Joseph)
Commemoratio Sancti Michaelis Archangeli (Commemoration of Saint Michael the Archangel)
Commemoratio Sancti Raphaelis Archangeli (Commemoration of Saint Raphael the Archangel)
Commemoratio Sanctissimi Nominis Iesu (Commemoration of the Most Holy Name of Jesus)
Concede mihi (Grant me Thy Grace)
Concede mihi, misericors Deus (For ordering a life wisely)
Concede, quaesumus (Grant, we beseech Thee)
Conditor alme siderum (Creator of the Stars of Night)
Confiteor (I Confess)
Consilia Evangelica (The Evangelical Counsels)
Consors paterni luminis (O Light of Light)
Conversi ad Dominum Deum (Let us Turn Towards the Lord God)
Corona Divinae Misericordiae (Chaplet of Divine Mercy)
Creator alme siderum (Bright Builder of the Heavenly Poles)
Custodes hominum psallimus Angelos (The Guardians of Our Race, Our Angel Guides We Hail)
Da, Domine, propitius pacem (Graciously Grant us Peace, O Lord)
Da nobis famulis tuis (Grant unto us, Thy servants)
De Quattuor Novissimis Memorandis (The Four Last Things to be Remembered)
December (December)
Deus creator omnium (God That All Things Didst Create)
Deus meus, credo in te (My God, I Believe in Thee)
Deus omnipotens (O Almighty God)
Deus omnium fidelium pastor (O God, The Shepherd of All Thy Faithful )
Deus, qui ad maiestatis tuae gloriam (O God, Who Hast Appointed)
Deus, qui fidei sacramenta (O God, Who in the Glorious Transfiguration)
Deus, qui nos patrem et matrem honorare (O God, Who Hast Commanded us to Honor our Father and Mother)
Deus, qui per immaculatam conceptionem (O God, Who by the Immaculate Conception)
Deus, qui pro nobis (O God, Who for Our Sake)
Deus, qui unigeniti Filii (O God, Who Didst Will)
Deus, qui Unigeniti Filii tui passione (O God, Who by the Passion of Thine Only-begotten Son)
Dies Irae (Day of Wrath)
Dirigere et sanctificare (Direct and Sanctify This Day)
Domine Deus omnipotens (Lord, God Almighty)
Domine Deus Omnipotens Rex Regum (O Lord God Almighty, King of Kings)
Domine Iesu Christe (Lord Jesus Christ)
Domine Iesu Christe (Lord Jesus Christ)
Domine Iesu Christe (Lord Jesus Christ)
Domine Iesu Christe (O Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God)
Domine Iesu Christe, Rex gloriae (O Lord Jesus Christ, King of Glory)
Domine Iesu, clementissime Salvator ( Lord Jesus Christ, Merciful Savior)
Domine Iesu (Lord, Jesus)
Domine Iesu, noverim me (Lord Jesus, Let me Know Myself)
Domine sancte, Pater omnipotens (O Holy Lord, Father Almighty)
Doxologia Minor (Glory Be)
Duodecim Apostoli (The Twelve Apostles)
Duodecim Fructus Spiritus Sancti (The Twelve Fruits of the Holy Spirit)
E Doctrina Duodecim Apostolorum (From the Teaching of the Twelve Apostles)
Ecce iam noctis (Lo! The Dim Shadows of the Night)
En ego, o bone et dulcissime Iesu (Prayer Before a Crucifix)
Ex more docti mystico (The Fast, as Taught by Holy Lore)
Exaudi nos (Hear us)
Exercitium Sanctae Viae Crucis (A Franciscan Way of the Cross)
Exercitium Singularis Devotionis Erga S. Ioseph, Consistens in Quinque Orationibus (Devotions to St Ioseph Consisting of Five Prayers)
Exercitium Viae Crucis de Sancto Alphonso Maria de Ligorio (An Exercise in the Way of the Cross by St. Alphonsus Maria Liguori)
Fac nos, Domine Iesu (Grant Unto us, Lord Jesus)
Februarius (February)
Flos Carmeli (Flower of Carmel)
Formula Intensionis Ante Missam (Statement of Intention)
Formula Oblationis Cotidianae ad SS. Cor Iesu (Daily Offering to the Sacred Heart of Jesus)
Formula peragendi viam crucis
Gemma Caelestis (O Costly Gem)
Gloria, laus et honor (All Glory, Praise, and Honor)
Gloria (Major Doxology)
Gratiarum actio ad Trinitatem (Act of Thanksgiving to the Trinity)
Gratiarum actio pro suscepto Baptismi Sacramento (Act of Thanksgiving for Receiving the Sacrament of Baptism)
Horae Sanctae Crucis (Hours of the Holy Cross)
Horae Spiritus Sancti (Hours of the Holy Spirit)
Hostis Herodes impie (Why, Impious Herod Vainly Fear)
How to Pronounce Latin
Iam, Christe, sol iustitiae (Now Christ, Thou Sun of Righteousness)
Iam Lucis Orto Sidere (Star of Light Now Having Risen)
Iam morte, victor, obruta (Now Hell is Vanquished)
Iam sol recedit igneus (As Fades the Glowing Orb of Day)
Ianuarius (January)
Iesu, decus angelicum (O Jesus, Thou the Beauty Art)
Iesu, Dulcis Memoria (Jesus, Sweet Memory)
Iesu dulcissime, Redemptor (Most Sweet Jesus, Redeemer)
Iesu Infans Dulcissime (Jesu, Sweetest Child)
Iesu Rex admirabilis (O Jesus, King Most Wonderful)
Iesu, salvator saeculi (Giver of Life, Eternal Lord)
Immaculata Mater Dei (Immaculate Mother of God)
Immense caeli Conditor (O great Creator of the Sky)
In monte olivis consito (The Mount of Olives Witnesseth)
In te credo (I Believe in Thee)
Innocentii Tertii Orationes Tres (Three Prayers of Pope Innocent III)
Into Thy hands
Iste, quem laeti (He, whom the faithful joyously do honor)
Iulius (July)
Iunius (June)
Jesus Christ, My God
Lauda Sion (Laud, O Zion)
Laudes Divinae (Divine Praises)
Libera me (Deliver me, Lord Jesus Christ)
Litaniae ad Christum ex Scriptura Sacra in Adventu (Litany to Christ from Sacred Scripture for Advent)
Litaniae ad Deum Patrem (Litany to God the Father)
Litaniae de S. Antonio Paduano. (Litany of St. Anthony of Padua)
Litaniae de S. Augustino (Litany of St. Augustine)
Litaniae de S. P. N. Francisco (Litany of Our Holy Father St. Francis)
Litaniae de Sacratissimo Corde Iesu (Litany of the Sacred Heart of Jesus)
Litaniae de Sancta Cruce, ex Sanctis Patribus ( Litany for the Lenten Season)
Litaniae de Sancta Scholastica (Litany in Honor of St. Scholastica)
Litaniae de Sanctis Angelis ex Sacra Scriptura (Litany of the Holy Angels Taken From Sacred Scripture)
Litaniae de Sanctissimo Sacramento (Litany of the Most Blessed Sacrament)
Litaniae de sancto Angelo Custode (Litany of the Holy Guardian Angel)
Litaniae de Sancto Antonio (Litany of St. Anthony)
Litaniae de Sancto Patre Nostro Benedicto (Litany to Our Holy Father St. Benedict, (Gangelt, 1649))
Litaniae de Sancto Spiritu (Litany of the Holy Spirit)
Litaniae Dominae nostrae Dolorum (Litany of Our Lady of Sorrows)
Litaniae in Quadragesima ( Litany for the Lenten Season)
Litaniae Lauretanae (Litany of Loreto)
Litaniae pretiosissimi Sanguinis Domini Nostri Iesu Christi (Litany of the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ)
Litaniae Sancti Ioseph (Litany of St. Joseph)
Litaniae Sancti Michaelis (Litany of St. Michael)
Litaniae Sanctissimi Nominis Iesu (Litany of the Most Holy Name of Jesus)
Litaniae Sanctorum (Litany of the Saints)
Litaniae vitae et passionis Domini nostri Iesu Christi (Litany of the Life and Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ)
Liturgia Horarum (Liturgy of the Hours)
Lucis Creator optime (O Blest Creator of the Light)
Lux ecce surgit aurea (See the Golden Sun Arise)
Magnae Deus potentiae (O Sovereign Lord of Nature's Might)
Magnificat (Canticle of Mary)
Maius (May)
Maria, Mater Gratiae (Mary, Mother of Grace)
Martius (March)
Memento nostri, beate Ioseph (Be mindful of us, O Blessed Joseph)
Memento, salutis Auctor (Remember, O Creator Lord)
Memorare, o Domina Nostra a Sacro Corde (Remember, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart)
Memorare, O piissima Virgo Maria (Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary)
Memorare, o purissime Sponse Virginis Mariae (Remember, O Most Pure Spouse of the Virgin Mary)
Nocte surgentes (Now From the Slumbers of the Night)
Novem viae conscius in peccato alii esse (Nine Ways of being an Accessory to another's Sin.)
November (November)
Novena ad Beatam Mariam Virginem (Novena to the Blessed Virgin Mary)
Novena ad Sacratissimum Cor Iesu (Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus)
Novena Litaniarum ad Sanctum Benedictum (Novena of Litanies to St Benedict)
Nox atra rerum contegit (The Dusky Veil of Night)
Nox et tenebrae et nubila (Day is breaking, dawn is bright)
Nunc Dimittis (Canticle of Simeon)
Nunc, Sancte, nobis Spiritus (Come, Holy Ghost)
O Beata Virgo Maria (O Blessed Virgin Mary)
O Beatissima (O Most Blessed and Sweet Virgin Mary)
O Bona Crux (O Good Cross)
O bone Iesu (O Good Jesu)
O caelestis medice (O Heavenly Doctor)
O Creator Sancte Spiritus (O Holy Spirit, Creator)
O divi amoris victima (O Victim Dear)
O divinum Cor Iesu (O Divine Heart of Jesus)
O Domina Mea (My Queen! My Mother!)
O Domina mea, Sancta Maria (O Holy Mary, my Mistress)
O Excellentissima (O Most Excellent Virgin Mary)
O filii et filiae (Ye sons and daughters of the Lord)
O fortitudo Dei (O Strength of God)
O gente felix hospita (O House of Nazareth the Blest)
O Gloriosa Domina (O Heaven's Glorious Mistress)
O ineffabilis decor Dei excelsi (O Indescribable Beauty of God Most High)
O Intemerata
O Ioseph, Virgo Pater Iesu (O Joseph, Virgin-Father of Jesus)
O Lux beata caelitum (O Highest Hope of Mortals)
O lux beata Trinitas (O Trinity of Blessed Light)
O Maria sine labe concepta (O Mary, Conceived Without Sin)
O memoriale mortis Domini (O Memorial of my Savior Dying)
O Omnium Domine (O Lord of All)
O Pater misericordiarum (O Father of Mercies)
O Princeps caelestis militiae (O Prince of the Heavenly Host)
O Pura et Immaculata (O Pure and Immaculate)
O Sacratissimum Cor Iesu (O Most Sacred Heart of Jesus)
O Sacrum Convivium (O Sacred Banquet)
O Salutaris Hostia (O Saving Victim)
O Sancte Spiritus (O Holy Spirit)
O sola magnarum urbium (Bethlehem, of Noblest Cities)
O Virgo et Mater Sanctissima (Most Holy Virgin and Mother)
Oblatio Sui (Prayer of Self-Dedication to Jesus Christ)
Obsecro te, dulcissime Domine Iesu Christe (I Beseech Thee, Most Sweet Lord Jesus Christ)
Obsecro te
Octo Beatitudines (The Eight Beatitudes)
October (October)
Officium parvum Conceptionis Immaculatae (Little Office of the Immaculate Conception)
Officium Parvum de S. Antonio Paduano
Officium Parvum de Sancto Ioseph (Little Office of Saint Joseph)
Officium parvum de septem Doloribus B. V. M. (Little Office of the Seven Sorrows of the B. V. M.)
Officium Parvum Sacratissimi Cordis Iesu (Little Office of the Sacred Heart of Jesus)
Omnipotens sempiterne Deus (Almighty and Everlasting God)
Omnipotentia Patris (Omnipotence of the Father)
Oratio ad angelum custodem (Prayer to One's Guardian Angel)
Oratio ad Beatam Mariam Virginem Ante Missam (Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary Before Mass)
Oratio ad Mariam Virginem Post Missam (Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary After Mass)
Oratio Ad Omnes Angelos et Sanctos Ante Missam (Prayer to All the Angels and Saints Before Mass)
Oratio ad Sacratissimum Cor Iesu (Prayer to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus)
Oratio ad Sanctum in cuius Honorem Missa Celebratur (Prayer to the Saint in Whose Honor the Mass is Celebrated)
Oratio ad Sanctum Ioseph (Prayer to St. Joseph)
Oratio ad Sanctum Michael (Prayer to Saint Michael)
Oratio ad Sanctum Post Missam (Prayer After Mass to the Day's Saint)
Oratio ad ss. Trinitatem pro felici morte (Prayer to the Most Holy Trinity for a Happy Death)
Oratio ante colligationem (Prayer Before Connecting to the Internet)
Oratio ante communionem (Prayer before Communion)
Oratio Ante Confessionem Sacramentalem (Prayer before Sacramental Confession)
Oratio ante crucifixum (Prayer Before a Crucifix)
Oratio Ante Missam (Prayer Before Mass)
Oratio ante perceptionem Eucharistiae (Prayer before the reception of the Eucharist)
Oratio Dominica (The Lord's Prayer)
Oratio in honorem Sanctae Familiae (Prayer in Honor of the Holy Family)
Oratio Post Confessionem (Prayer After Confession)
Oratio post Missam ad Sanctam Familiam (Prayer to the Holy Family after Mass)
Oratio Post Missam (Prayer After Mass)
Oratio Praeparatoria ad Confessionem Sacramentalem (Preparatory Prayer before Sacramental Confession)
Oratio pro pace (Prayer for Peace)
Oratio pro summo Pontifice (Prayer for the Pope)
Oratio S Francisci Xaverii (Prayer of St. Francis Xavier)
Oratio S. Thomae Aquinatis ante studium (Prayer of St. Thomas Aquinas Before Study)
Oratio Sancti Ambrosii Ante Missam (Prayer of St. Ambrose Before Mass)
Oratio Sancti Benedicti (Prayer of St Benedict)
Oratio Sancti Bernardi ad Deiparam Virginem (Prayer of St. Bernard to the Virgin Mother of God)
Oratio Sancti Bonaventurae (Prayer of Saint Bonaventure)
Oratio Sancti Caietani (Prayer of St. Cajetan)
Oratio Sancti Clementis I (Prayer of St. Clement I)
Oratio Sancti Francisci (Prayer of St Francis)
Oratio Sancti Genesii (Prayer of St. Genesius)
Oratio Sancti Ioannis Chrysostomi (Prayer of St. John Chrysostom)
Oratio Sancti Sophronii ad Benedictam (Prayer of St. Sophronius to the Blessed Virgin Mary)
Oratio Sancti Thomae Aquinatis Ante Missam (Prayer of St. Thomas Aquinas Before Mass)
Oratio Sancti Thomae Aquinatis Post Missam (Prayer of St. Thomas Aquinas After Mass)
Oratio Universalis (Universal Prayer)
ORATIONES S. ALFONSI MARIAE DE LIGORIO singulis hebdomadae diebus distributae
Orationes Sancti Ambrosii Ante Missam singulis hebdomadae diebus distributae (Prayers of Saint Ambrose before Mass for each day of the week)
Orbis patrator optime (Creator of the Circling Sky)
Ordo Commendationis Animae (Recommendation of a Soul Departing)
Pange Lingua (Fortunatus) (Sing, my Tongue)
Pange Lingua (Sing, My Tongue)
Parvum Officium Sancti Angeli Custodis (Little Office of the Guardian Angel)
Parvum Officium Sanctissimi Sacramenti (Little Office of the Blessed Sacrament)
Pater Caelestis (Heavenly Father)
Patrocinio Ioseph Suffulti (Supported by the Patronage of Joseph)
Per signum Crucis (By the Sign of the Cross)
Perceptio Corporis tui (Let the Receiving of Thy Body)
Perenne Lumen in Templo Aeterni (Perpetual Light in the Eternal Temple)
Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica (Mathematical Principals of Natural Philosophy)
Pietate tua (Of Thy Tender Mercy)
Placare, Christe, servulis (O Christ, be Reconciled to Thy Servants)
Plasmator hominis, Deus (Maker of Man)
Praecepta Decalogi (The Ten Commandments)
Prayers of St. Bridget (The XV Oos)
Preces Ad Sanctum Ioseph Ante Missam (Prayer to St. Joseph Before Mass)
Preces Stationum (Prayers for the Stations)
Prex Manasse (The Prayer of Manasseh)
Primo dierum omnium (First of All Days)
Princeps gloriosissime (O Most Glorious Prince)
Pro defuncta nominatim (For a Deceased Woman)
Pro defuncto nominatim (For a Deceased Man)
Professio fidei Tridentina (Creed of Pope Pius IV)
Psalmi Graduales (Gradual Psalms)
Psalmus CI (Nova Vulgata) (Psalm 101 (102))
Psalmus CI (Sixto-Clementine) (Psalm 101 (102))
Psalmus CL (Nova Vulgata) (Psalm 150 (150))
Psalmus CL (Sixto-Clementine) (Psalm 150 (150))
Psalmus CXLII (Nova Vulgata) (Psalm 142 (143))
Psalmus CXLII (Sixto-Clementine) (Psalm 142 (143))
Psalmus CXV (Nova Vulgata) (Psalm 115 (116))
Psalmus CXV (Sixto-Clementine) (Psalm 115 (116))
Psalmus CXXIX (Nova Vulgata) (Psalm 129 (130))
Psalmus CXXIX (Sixto-Clementine) (Psalm 129 (130))
Psalmus L (Nova Vulgata) (Psalm 50 (51))
Psalmus L (Sixto-Clemetine) (Psalm 50 (51))
Psalmus LXXXIII (Nova Vulgata) (Psalm 83 (84))
Psalmus LXXXIII (Sixto-Clementine) (Psalm 83 (84))
Psalmus LXXXIV (Nova Vulgata) (Psalm 84 (85))
Psalmus LXXXIV (Sixto-Clementine) (Psalm 84 (85))
Psalmus LXXXV (Nova Vulgata) (Psalm 85 (86))
Psalmus LXXXV (Sixto-Clementine) (Psalm 85 (86))
Psalmus VI (Nova Vulgata) (Psalm 6 (6))
Psalmus VI (Sixto-Clementine) (Psalm 6 (6))
Psalmus XXXI (Nova Vulgata) (Psalm 31 (32))
Psalmus XXXI (Sixto-Clementine) (Psalm 31 (32))
Psalmus XXXVII (Nova Vulgata) (Psalm 37 (38))
Psalmus XXXVII ((Sixto-Clementine) (Psalm 37 (38))
Psalter of Jesus
Psalterium Sancti Hieronymi (Psalter of St. Jerome)
Quattuor Peccata Quae ad Caelum Clamant (The Four Sins Crying to Heaven for Vengeance)
Quattuor Virtutes Cardinales (The Four Cardinal Virtues)
Quem terra, pontus, aethera (The God Whom Earth and Sea and Sky)
Quicumque (Athanasian Creed)
Quinque Puncta (The Five Points)
Recordare, Virgo Mater Dei (Remember, O Virgin Mother of God)
Rector potens, verax Deus (O God of Truth, O Lord of Might)
Regina Caeli (Queen of Heaven)
Requiem aeternam (Eternal Rest Grant unto Them)
Rerum Creator optime (Who madest all)
Rerum, Deus, tenax vigor (O God, Creation's Secret Force)
Rosarium ex Horis ad usum Sarum (Rosary from the Hours, Sarum Use)
Rosarium (Rosary)
S. Antonius de Padova (St. Anthony of Padua)
S. Augustinus, Episcopus et Doctor Ecclesiae (St. Augustine, Bishop and Doctor of the Church)
S. Benedictus, Abbas (St. Benedict, Abbot)
S. Franciscus Assisiensis, Confessor (St. Francis of Assisi, Confessor)
S. Scholastica (St. Scholastica)
Sacra iam splendent (A Thousand Lights Their Glory Shed)
Sacris Solemniis (At This Our Solemn Feast)
Salutatio ad Dominum Iesum Christum (Salutation to the Lord Jesus Christ)
Salutis aeternae dator (Giver of Life, Eternal Lord)
Salva me, sancta crux (Save Me, O Holy Cross)
Salve a nobis, Deipara Maria (Hail, Mother of God)
Salve Regina (Hail Holy Queen)
Salve, salutaris Victima (Hail, Saving Victim)
Sancta Maria, Succurre Miseris (Holy Mary, be Thou a Help to the Helpless)
Sancti nominis tui (Bestow upon us)
Sancti, venite (Come All Ye Holy)
Sanctissima Virgo de Cenaculo (Our Lady of the Cenacle)
Sanctus (The Sanctus)
Septem Dona Spiritus Sancti (The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit)
Septem Litaniae de Sancto Benedicto (Seven Litanies to St. Benedict (Haeften, 1644))
Septem Opera Misericordiae Corporalia (The Seven Corporal Works of Mercy)
Septem Opera Misericordiae Spiritualia (The Seven Spiritual Works of Mercy)
Septem peccata capitalia et virtutes opponuntur (The Seven Deadly Sins and their opposite virtues)
Septem Precationes Sancti Gregorii de Passione Domini (Seven Prayers of St. Gregory on the Passion of the Lord)
Septem Psalmi Paenitentiales (Seven Penitential Psalms)
Septem Sacramenta (The Seven Sacraments)
September (September)
Sex Peccata in Spiritum Sanctum (The Six Sins against the Holy Spirit)
Sex Praecepta Ecclesiae (The Six Precepts of the Church)
Si quaeris miracula (If Thou Seekest Miracles)
Signum Crucis (Sign of the Cross)
Somno refectis artubus (Our Limbs Refreshed with Slumber Now)
Splendor paternae gloriae (O Splendor of God's Glory)
Stabat Mater dolorosa (At the Cross Her Station Keeping)
Stabat Mater speciosa (By the Crib Wherein Reposing)
Sub Tuum Praesidium (We Fly to Thy Patronage)
Subjects for Daily Meditation.
Summae Deus clementiae (Great God of Boundless Mercy)
Symbolum Apostolorum (Apostles' Creed)
Symbolum Apostolorum (Apostles' Creed)
Symbolum Nicaenum (Nicene Creed)
Tantum Ergo (Down in Adoration Falling)
Te Deum (The Te Deum)
Te gestientem gaudiis (The Gladness of Thy Motherhood)
Te, Iesu, verum Deum et Hominem (I adore Thee, O Jesus)
Te Ioseph celebrent agmina caelitum (Joseph! To Thee by Hosts on High)
Te lucis ante terminum (Before the End of Light)
Te splendor et virtus Patris (O Jesus, Life-spring of the Soul)
Telluris ingens Conditor (Earth's Mighty Maker)
Tempus Adventus (Advent)
Tempus Nativitas (Christmas Season)
Tempus Paschale (Easter Season)
Tempus Quadragesima (Lent)
The Chord of St. Joseph
Tibi offerimus (We Offer Thee, Lord Jesus)
Titivillus (The Devil Made me do it!)
Tota pulchra es, Maria (Thou Art All Fair, O Mary)
Tres Litaniae de Sancto Patre Nostro Benedicto, Monachorum Patriarcha (Three Litanies to Our Holy Father St Benedict, Patriarch of Monks)
Tres Virtutes Theologales (The Three Theological Virtues)
Tria Praecipua bonorum operum genera (Three Eminent Good Works)
Trisagium Angelicum (Angelic Trisagion)
Tu es, Deus, omnia nostra (Thou Art, O God, Our All)
Tu, Trinitatis Unitas (O Three in One, and One in Three)
Ubi caritas
Veni, Creator Spiritus (Come Holy Spirit, Creator Blest)
Veni, redemptor gentium ( O Come, Redeemer of the Earth)
Veni, Sancte Spiritus (Come, Holy Spirit)
Veni, Sancte Spiritus (Come, Holy Spirit)
Veni, Sancte Spiritus (Come, Holy Spirit)
Veni, Sancte Spiritus (Come, O Holy Spirit)
Veni, Veni Emmanuel (O Come, O Come, Emmanuel)
Verbum supernum prodiens (Celestial Word, to This Our Earth)
Verbum Supernum (The Word of God)
Vexilla Regis (Royal Banners)
Victimae Paschali
Virtutes Theologicae (The Theological Virtues of Faith, Hope, and Love)
Visita, quaesumus, Domine (Visit, We Beg Thee, O Lord)
Vox clara ecce intonat (A Thrilling Voice by Jordan Rings)

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