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This web site contains information about Joe, Carol, Neil and Crystal Redfield who live in San Antonio and about some of the major organizations that they support and that speak their visions of what is possible for humanity -
Landmark Education and
San Antonio Space Society.

Landmark Education is a global company that provides transformation and possibility for the world through courses that people take for training, growth and development. In San Antonio, we have the Landmark Forum (3 days and an evening) and ongoing Graduate Seminars (10 evening sessions).
See the main web site at Landmark Education -
Carol, Joe and Neil have all done the Landmark Forum -
Another website about Landmark Education's programs around the world is at

The San Antonio Space Society is a chapter of the National Space Society. We are committed to people having the opportunity of living off the planet and all that having that new view available would provide for us all.
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Neil and Crystal are Joe and Carol's children.
We advocate for families -
have the first (child biologically) and adopt the next! Crystal is our real live China doll, and the other three of us went to get her in China in 2003. Neil loves computer games and art, and he does really well in school.  


Our jobs are our hobbies.
Joe loves technology and has a passion for renewable energy. He is an electrical engineer and group leader at Southwest Research Institute and heads up a group of people researching and producing fuel cells for all sorts of applications.

Carol loves technology and education. She is a computer science professor at St. Mary's University and works part time for Landmark Education. She specializes in artificial intelligence, computer gaming, and computer tutors.

Neil and Crystal love learning and their work is being great students.

Values of Landmark Education - and we are aligned with them.

Download NSS Adopt-A-School files.

More About Landmark Education
Landmark Education is a leader around the world in training and development. Landmark Education offers The Landmark Forum as the beginning course and graduate courses and seminars. All of the courses and programs from Landmark Education are innovative, effective, and immediately relevant. The Landmark Forum from Landmark Education is designed to bring about a fundamental shift or transformation in what people see is possible for themselves, their families and their communities.

People in the Landmark Forum and Landmark Education's other courses see new things avaiable and new actions in everyday matters. People can achieve higher standards of excellence and think and act beyond existing views and limits.

Landmark Education's courses and programs are offered in over 125 cities on the planet. Graduates of the Landmark Forum often participate in Landmark Education's graduate courses, seminars, and programs. These courses are relevant to living everyday life powerfully and include a range of benefits and topics. Some of the topics are relationships, creativity, integrity, money, and fitness; things we all can use! Landmark Education is one of the largest, most relevant and diverse "campuses" in the world.

The Redfields at 2005
Starfleet Summit
Carol talked about
Computers in Fiction:
Can we do the AI?

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National Space Society

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Southwest Research Institute

Something Carol got from doing the Landmark Forum:
I saw that I often feel misunderstood and not important enough to do what I want, but I see that when I am that way, I am disconnected and separate from everyone. I actually owned that way of being, and I created for myself the possibility of living life by design.

Carol's favorite types of video/TV and fiction are
Star Trek - any of them!
and science fiction

Most Admired People
Albert Einstein,
Martin Luther King,
Landmark Forum Leaders,
all the astronauts

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