January 2011

Happy New Year!

This month I'm taking on the rather large task of redesigning my website to incorporate a broader spectrum of artwork. I have years of unseen work that needs to be posted and shared with the world.

I plan to scan my favorite natural media works done prior to my adventures in the digital realm.

Past work along side new paintings combining natural media and digital tools should round off my online gallery.







Royalty Fees-

For all print and resale DVD publishing projects my one time royalty fee is $200.00 per picture.

For web publishing projects my fee is $50.00 per picture.

Orders and payment can be made at the Paypal custom order link below. Once I'm notified your payment has cleared I will send the files to you via email attachments or FTP client.

Custom Order Page


I'm always interested in creative applications of my artwork to presentations and retail projects. Send your proposals to me via the e-mail link to the right >.

main page.

Copyright info and usage of artwork-

All imagery on the main gallery pages are Copyright protected and may not be reproduced or used elsewhere without written permission of the artist.

Purchase of the CDS grants permission to utilize all artwork contained on the disc in any PowerPoint teaching or music presentation. This also includes creation of printed hand out materials often used to accompany teaching projects with software like MS Word.

All resale projects must be negotiated with the artist and purchased with an agreed royalty fee.

Artwork may be croped but any modification IE repainting, vignetting or altering the artwork without my approval is strictly forbidden.


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