The following page is dedicated to available information found on the following artist by students of the Environmental Art class at Ball State. The information is as accurate as can be given available resources. Any additions should be sent to the address below.

Dennis Oppenheim

September 6, 1938 in Electric City, WA, to David Oppenheim and Katherine Belknap.
New York City
Karen Cackett (1958) -fellow student
Phyllis Julbert (1967) -2nd wife
Kristen (1959), Erik born (1962), Chandra (1968).
Inspired by:
Marcel DuChamp: much of his design philosophies are reflected especially the idea of implication in art. The 1940's began to reflect this through symbolic writings and pictographs.
Influenced by:
Conceptual arts, Minimalist philosophy, and combined this with abstract Expressionism and ironic representation of Pop art.
Received Bachelor of Fine Art and a Masters from the California College of Arts & Crafts where he had also taught. He worked in association with Edward Kienholz who was also very influential.
Early projects in similar class as Mike Heizer and Walter de Maria, a fellow high school student and friend of Dennis. He became friends with Robert Smithson while in College.

Four periods in Oppenheim's approach to art from which he builds on the latter while rejecting the previous ideal and activity and has no central theme sum up the genesis of his career:
Design Principles & Philosophy:

This information was compiled by Jared Slaven (2-14-97).

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