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The Huskin Group provides advice and information on dental consultant, dental consulting, practice management, dental insurance and the insurance industry, a dental insurance newsletter, and a practice analysis service that can maximize both your office's income and patient dental insurance benefits.
The Huskin Group has a new dental consultant website with expanded articles, reports, dental consultant newletter and a free subscription to "Dental Consultant Insurance Tips of the Week". 
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 The Huskin Group, dental consultant can: 


  • A dental consultant can evaluate and rank the different PPO plans you belong to or are considering joining.  Some plans appear to be wonderful but pay more for less utilized procedures and make you take a larger discount on those services you perform more often and make a greater profit on, such as adult cleanings and periodic exams.  As your practice grows, this information can allow you to identify which plans are really contributing to your office's income.


  • A dental consultant can evaluate the utilization of your own practice.  Is your practice performing at the same level as your peers?



Contact us and we'll  email you a practice analysis for your review. 


Give your practice the consultant edge.