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Did I Set My Sights For My Site Too High?

I’ve been blogging for 20 days now… I haven’t missed a day… I’m amazed at how much of a time eater this is!


It’s not that there isn’t enough to post… Heavens no!  There’s tons and tons of great content out there to be mined and shared… And lord knows there’s enough miscellaneous miscellany to rant and rave about… And I certainly do enjoy this… this thing of ours… I do consider this little blog a great sharing…So it’s ours …OK?


Anyway… Back to the thought at hand… I am particularly enamored of two specific blogs that inspired me to get this one off of the ground… The problem is… Both Corkscrew-Balloon and Goodshit are run by retired guys with time to burn.  I think that’s where my enthusiasm got the best of me.


            Unfortunately… I’m still a member of the working class …Worse… I‘ve got school age kids.  And they don’t get this business of ol’ dad jumping right onto his computer right from work and on the weekends… Could I be charged with neglect?!?


Well… I’m not giving this up… I like it too much… I am …however, going to have to create a balance between the Business of Life and this great pleasure.  I knew I was in trouble when my dad sent me an email stating that his first thought was that “somebody has more time on his hands than I do in retirement.”  … Of course I was hoping that no one would notice.


            Soooo… My first thought was to post every other day… didn’t like it.  Next I said…”How about smaller posts each day?”…. That’s a maybe.  But what I’d really like…. Is to hear from you folks about what you think you’d like to see.  Are the posts working?  I get sent jokes and such every day…. Should I post some of them?  With credit of course!  Don’t ask for or send porno… Not gonna happen… except incidentally to illustrate a point… Besides… Fred over at Goodshit covers the nudity end very well thank you.  My idea was to more or less bring you what is in between the pics of naked folks at Goodshit.  That way you could feel free to look at The Four Eyes at work or share it with your kids…or your mom… or your pastor…or your boss… You get what I mean.


I’m also shooting for something similar to what Alf was doing a couple of years back on Corkscrew-Balloon (THOCBDC) with the quotes and clippings and side trips to interesting sites.  Even Alf has slowed down a bit on the length and breadth of his postings since he walked down the aisle with the lovely Watcharee.  The man’s got a fresh marriage to maintain!   Now… my marriage is not so fresh… But my argument at home is that she should let me alone to blog because it “stimulates” me… And she can only be benefited by my “physiological response” to doing something that I consider an accomplishment… So far it’s working… Of course she doesn’t read this… Or any blog other than a page or two from THOCBDC that may have a bit of  news she like about Thai Food.


Now… You might might think that I’m only being “stimulated” by the…ah… “more salacious pages” that I have to wade through to get at some of the little tidbits that I harvest here and there… But Au Contraire my friends!  There’s a certain lift that one perceives (and achieves!) when there is the possibility of doing what one loves to do… And I love to transmit information… And to transmit information…One has to acquire information.  And that’s what I’d do for the rest of my life if’n I could figure out a way to get paid for it.  But so few of us wind up doing exactly what floats our boats… that statistically… Only a relatively small number of humans reach that stage of fulfillment.


So until someone decides to “float my boat” … I’m gonna have to find a balance that keeps me happy and posting… And being a good family man and provider.


That said… You’ll see a few inconsistencies and experiments for the time being… But you’ll always see something.

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