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On March 5th, 2007... I finally decided to start my online journal.
You'll find my opinions on a variety of topics as well as links to
other things on the web that I find interesting.
When the spirit moves me, I may also include longer essays.
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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Today's Insults
Your father screwed a houseplant and raised a blooming idiot. - unknown
Thou dissembling dizzy-eyed pignut! - unknown
She was what we used to call a suicide blonde - dyed by her own hand.
- Saul Bellow
A brain of feathers, and a heart of lead.- Alexander Pope
7:29 pm pst | link

Chao Mae Tuptim Shrine in Bangkok
19 years ago...After a 10 year childless marriage... I made an request at this shrine... My son is now 18... We had offered Chao Mae Tuptim a gift of oranges if we had a son... 2 years later, we made good on our arrangement... Best deal of my entire life.  Straightforward...Simple... A son for a sack of oranges... Payable ASAP... Chao Mae Tuptim is still spoken of quite reverently around my house 
  I never took pictures of the shrine... I 'm glad someone did.
6:47 pm pst | link

One of My Favorite Cartoons
I've asked myself so many times... "What were these people smoking?!"... This depiction of Cheney and Wolfowitz hits the nail on the head.
6:28 pm pst | link

Friday, March 30, 2007

Bizarre Hexagon on Saturn - Weird!
Is This Thing Real? ... It Rotates!... Is It Natural? 

The 15,000-mile-wide feature appears to be some sort of deep-seated standing wave, through which other things move without changing the wave pattern...  It also appears to be in sync with the planet's quick 10-and-a-half-hour rotation.

hex hexbw

Saturn Hexagon Mystifies Scientists

March 27, 2007 — Something downright weird has been sighted twirling over the north pole of Saturn: A long-lived double hexagon formed in the clouds.

The two six-sided features — one inside the other — are in stark contrast to the hurricane-like vortex that has been observed at the ringed planet's south pole. Both poles have been imaged by NASA's orbiting Cassini spacecraft.

"We haven't seen a (geometric) feature like this anywhere else on any other planet," said Cassini scientist Kevin Baines of the NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. "It's unbelievable."

3:29 pm pst | link

Killer bees' seem resistant to disorder killing honeybees
By Dan Sorenson
Arizona Daily Star
Although experts are stumped about what's causing the colony-collapse disorder die-off in U.S. commercial beehives, there is some speculation that Arizona's famed Africanized — or "killer bee" — wild-bee population is somehow immune.
3:13 pm pst | link

Intel to Build $3.5 Billion in Factories in China & Vietnam
What's Wrong with this Picture?... Aren't these two countries still communists?... Isn't communism the anti capitalist system?... Do these Boneheads even wonder what they're doing to American interests?
Intel, the world biggest semiconductor company, has started construction on its $1 billion chip assembly and testing plant in Vietnam's southern business hub, a company official said Thursday.

The 500,000-square-foot facility was first announced in November. Construction, which started Wednesday, is expected to end by mid-2009.

When operational, the facility is expected to employ 4,000 people, said Rick Howarth, general manager of Intel Products Vietnam. The plant will be Vietnam's first semiconductor facility, and Intel's sixth testing facility in Asia.

On Monday, Intel announced plans to build a $2.5 billion wafer fabrication plant in Dalian, China.

Ol' Digger over at Digger's Realm puts about the same spin on this as I feel. .. But you can count on it that you'll be subjected to a full on Rant on this subject VERY SOON!





2:23 pm pst | link

Today's Insults
Congratulations! You have just proved the theory that there is no limit to human stupidity.  - unknown
"He doesn't know the meaning of the word "fear" - but then again he doesn't know the meaning of most words"
- unknown
"He does the work of three men: Larry, Curly & Moe"
- unknown
2:03 pm pst | link

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Parents, fear not the Net: Your kids are pretty savvy
I... for one am pretty comfortable with my teenager's web habits... It's the folks that push their wares onto pages that LITTLE kids can get to that worry me.


Parents, relax. Your teens are doing fine online.

I know that sounds ridiculous. One in seven children receives unwanted sexual solicitations online and 42 percent of kids ages 10 to 17 have seen online pornography in the past year.

It seems technology has made everything easier, except parenting. You can put away the video games and shut off the TV, but you can't stand guard behind your teens every second they spend online. Nor can you kick the Internet out of your house; you might as well keep your teens home from school.

Your only choice is to stuff them full of good sense, set some ground rules and let them go. But if all you know about social networking sites is from the news, then you're as naive about the Internet as you're afraid that your teens are about its dangers.

Try to think as they do.

9:17 am pst | link

Philips cell can run on AAA battery
I Hope Apple Puts This In The iPhone!
Philips Electronics is introducing a mobile phone with a built-in compartment for an ordinary AAA battery to power the device when the main battery runs low.
9:09 am pst | link

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

You Think Your Boss Is Bad? 7:46 pm pst | link

I've seen this look on my kids faces
7:22 pm pst | link

Today's Insults
What did you have for breakfast...A bowl of stupid? - seen on a bumper sticker
She has two brains... One's lost and the other's out looking for it - Uncle Renee
"I've just learned about his illness. Let's hope it's nothing trivial."
Irvin S. Cobb
7:02 pm pst | link

Do You Think That They'll Pay Us Back Someday?
And ... Would We Deserve It?
The Farewell Dossier - Courtesy of Damn Interesting

In 1982, operatives from the USSR's Committee for State Security– known internationally as the KGB– celebrated the procurement of a very elusive bit of Western technology. The Soviets were developing a highly lucrative pipeline to carry natural gas across the expanse of Siberia, but they lacked the software to manage the complex array of pumps, valves, turbines, and storage facilities that the system would require. The United States possessed such software, but the US government had predictably turned down their Cold War opponent's request to purchase the product.

Never ones to allow the limitations of the law to dictate their actions, the KGB officials inserted an agent to abduct the technology from a Canadian firm. Unbeknownst to the Soviet spies, the software they stole sported a little something extra: a few lines of computer code which had been inserted just for them.

Read the rest of this entry »

6:54 pm pst | link

A Nice Birthday Calculator
Tells you scads & scads of goodies about your particular birthday
5:52 pm pst | link

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Courtesy of Jean:

A Cowboy's Wife:


 In Campbell County, Wyoming a Cowboy's wife came

home  just in time to find her husband in bed with

another woman.  With super-human strength, born of

fury and cutting calves, she dragged him down the

stairs, out the back door, and into the tool shed

out back of the barn. 


She put his tally-whacker in a vice and then

secured it tightly and removed the handle.


Next she picked up an old carpenter's saw.


The banged up Cowboy was terrified, and hollered,

"Stop! Stop! You're not going to cut it off with

that rusty damn saw are you?"


The wife, with a gleam of revenge in her eye, put

the saw in her husband's hand and said, "Nope. I'm

going to set this old shed on fire, and go to town for a cold beer. You do whatever you want!

6:07 am pst | link

And I Thought You Were Just a Jerk!
The computer-centric office has left everyone – and not just the IT crowd – lacking important interpersonal and soft skills, according to one psychologist.

Most people have a relationship with a PC when they're at work - instead of focusing on their colleagues, Moir said. And as we see an increase of technology within organisations we will see a reduction in interpersonal skills, he warned.

He added: "People who are within the IT industry have a greater need to be concentrating on their PC and therefore maybe a greater need to develop their interpersonal skill set."

5:29 am pst | link

Intel modifies Wi-Fi to add mileage

BERKELEY, Calif.--Intel has come up with a form of Wi-Fi that would let a laptop in San Francisco connect to the Internet from a base station in San Jose, Calif.

And there would still be about 10 miles of wiggle room to spare.

Academics and researchers from the company's labs have created a system that lets Wi-Fi signals, which ordinarily carry a few hundred feet, to carry 100 kilometers, or more than 60 miles, said Eric Brewer, director of Intel Research Berkeley, a lab owned by the company that cooperates on research projects with UC Berkeley.

5:24 am pst | link

Gee...I wonder Why?

Cannibalism is rampant in the animal kingdom, including among some humans in the past. Since germs can sneak from victims to predators, one might suspect diseases linked to cannibalism would prove widespread.

Instead, diseases spread by cannibalism are rare. New calculations suggest this is because cannibals usually dine alone. If cannibals do feast together, germs could begin taking advantage.

"Maybe this is why cannibalism is no longer common among people as it was in the past, because of the strong negative effects it can have when transmitting a disease," ecologist Volker Rudolf at the University of Virginia at Charlottesville told LiveScience.

Cannibalism is "stunningly common in nature," Rudolf explained. "In the past, there were misconceptions that cannibalism was something that only happened in labs or under extreme conditions. But it isn't."

Even though people now typically abhor cannibalism, "it was quite a common practice in many human societies in the past," Rudolf added.

5:16 am pst | link

A New Low
4:46 am pst | link

Found on a Tombstone
  • Harold J. Story (1919 1993)
    • "Before you jump in here with me,
      make sure you bring good memories.
      For here they're all we have to trade,
      and where you are is where they're made."

4:39 am pst | link

Insults of the Day
There was something about you that I liked, but you spent it. - unknown
I could dance with you until the cows come home. On second thought I'd rather dance with the cows until you come home.
- Groucho Marx
4:37 am pst | link

Sorry about yesterday's light postings
Pressing Business kept me away from my computer until vey late... We'll try to make up for it today. 
4:29 am pst | link

Monday, March 26, 2007

This Is Absolutely Crazy! - WARNING - GRAPHIC!!

 It Appears That These Poor Chaps Are Paying For The Pleasure.

WARNING... Pain!...Lots of it!... Kind of Loud Too.

  Turn Down Your Sound If You're At Work.

Watch the Video called "What the F**K?!?!" on This Page 

Last Warning!!  -  Really Bad!! -

8:15 am pst | link

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Blogging Is Tough Work!

Did I Set My Sights For My Site Too High?


I’ve been blogging for 20 days now… I haven’t missed a day… I’m amazed at how much of a time eater this is!


It’s not that there isn’t enough to post… Heavens no!  There’s tons and tons of great content out there to be mined and shared… And lord knows there’s enough miscellaneous miscellany to rant and rave about… And I certainly do enjoy this… this thing of ours… I do consider this little blog a great sharing…So it’s ours …OK?


Anyway… Back to the thought at hand… I am particularly enamored of two specific blogs that inspired me to get this one off of the ground… The problem is… Both Corkscrew-Balloon and Goodshit are run by retired guys with time to burn.  I think that’s where my enthusiasm got the best of me. (continued)

Posted by the four eyes

1:04 pm pst | link

Wanna see a sonic boom?

What is a Sonic Boom? Can I See One?... This Sites Got Fourteen!

sonic boom
Kind of looks like he's emerging from a time warp or something ....huh?
10:00 am pst | link

Fruits & Trees... Not Birds & Bees
onionxmas tree
This is Rojaks Daily...The Blog is from Malaysia... So the english is a bit different... But read on and you'll get the gist of the stories.  Comparing men & women to fruits & trees.
9:41 am pst | link

Insults of the Day
"If brains were dynamite, you wouldn't have enough to blow the kneecap off a flea." - unknown
"She is an egregiously parasitic trollop and a catatonic, cantankerously-caterwauling, tainted spawn of a syphilitic swamp hog." - unknown
"Drunkenness is his best virtue, for he will be swine drunk, and in his sleep he does little harm, save to his bedclothes about him." - Shakespeare
9:27 am pst | link

9:18 am pst | link

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Misconceptions About Evolution
Newspapers, TV programs, and other media have often inadvertently circulated inaccurate information about evolution. As a result, many myths have been established as truth in the minds of the public. To sort out fact from fiction, check out the misconceptions and corrections here:
4:54 pm pst | link


Obama the 'Magic Negro'

The Illinois senator lends himself to white America's idealized, less-than-real black man.
By David Ehrenstein, L.A.-based DAVID EHRENSTEIN writes about Hollywood and politics.
L.A. Times - March 19, 2007
4:32 pm pst | link

What Are These People Thinking?!?
WARNING - Contains Nudity
4:25 pm pst | link

New way to breathe under water without oxygen tanks
An Israeli Inventor has developed a breathing apparatus that will allow breathing underwater without the assistance of compressed air tanks. This new invention will use the relatively small amounts of air that already exist in water to supply oxygen to both scuba divers and submarines. (continued)
4:17 pm pst | link

A List of Live Webcams Worldwide
3:56 pm pst | link

Insults of the Day
"That boy's as sharp as a sack full of wet mice."- Foghorn Leghorn
"He has double chins all the way down to his stomach."- Mark Twain
"I'd like to leave you with one thought...but I'm not sure you have anywhere to put it!"- unknown
3:51 pm pst | link

Last Sunday's Post Secret
Sorry... I forgot to post this last Sunday... New PostSecret Tomorrow!
12:10 pm pst | link

Friday, March 23, 2007

Why Our Species is Doomed to Extinction
This is from Sadly, No!... This cracked me up!

Inhofe informed Gore that scientists are “radically at odds with your claims.” Displaying a photograph of icicles in Buffalo, Inhofe demanded: “How come you guys never seem to notice it when it gets cold? . . . Where is global warming when you really need it?”

And that’s about it, folks. Because it’s cold in Buffalo during the winter, global warming can’t be real.

There are times when I think we just deserve to die off. This is one of them.

2:17 pm pst | link

Aircraft Carrier USS John F. Kennedy Decomissioned
I hope that they name another ship after JFK... This one served proudly and well.  The Ship will remain in Florida for the time being... I hope it becomes a museum someplace and not be scrapped.
1:50 pm pst | link

Bush administration objects to .xxx domains
Why would anybody object to having porno sites be at a .xxx address... Unless one wants the kiddies to see the stuff. 
I think it revolves more around companies being able to block the entire domains so that people couldn't cruise porn sites at work. 
Personally... I do my cruising at home... Late at night... Like a normal freak.
1:42 pm pst | link

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Fantastic Crystal Cave! 4:44 pm pst | link

An Amazing Account
"This is the hairdresser who was shot dead outside of my house. Her body was lying there for four hours before an American patrol came and cleaned the scene up. I couldn’t get close enough to get a clearer photo because we weren’t sure whether the body was booby trapped—or being watched by snipers." Photo by the author.

Running for your life from fundamentalist bandits, helplessly watching innocent women being shot in the street,
and car-bomb explosions that shatter your bedroom window... Just another humdrum day in the life of a student in Baghdad.  (continued)
4:07 pm pst | link

3:47 pm pst | link

Found on a Tombstone
Ron Obvious
  • "Here lies a knave,
    Where in the grave,
    His first good deed,
    Was feed the weed."
3:45 pm pst | link

Todays Insults
You're so dumb that blondes tell jokes about you - unknown
I see her as one great stampede of lips directed at the nearest derriere.
- Noël Coward
The gates are down, the lights are flashing, but the train isn't coming.- unknown
3:42 pm pst | link

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Liquid Body Armor! Let's Get This Stuff Out There!! 7:08 pm pst | link

Does George W. Bush Suffer From Senile Dementia?
I've Got Some Friends From The 70's That Display These Same Symptoms 
6:34 pm pst | link

National Geographic Says Dr. Ruth Was A Sniper 6:16 pm pst | link

IQ Test... I Failed Miserably! 6:10 pm pst | link

Intelligent Dolphins
I've Always Believed That Dolphins Were As Intelligent As Humans...Some People Eat Them.
6:06 pm pst | link

Insults of the Day
I beg your pardon, but I didn't understand that statement to a capacity that would allow me to even conceive of what your communications were compiled. In other words... Huh? - Ray from San Diego
He'd make a lovely corpse.- Charles Dickens
You're so fat that when you stand on the scale, it reads: "To be continued!"  - unknown
5:57 pm pst | link

Miscellaneous Miscellany
Failed Civilizations Seem to Have Some of These Traits in Common
 Developed nations consume 32 times more of the world's natural resources on a per capita basis than the rest of the world.
If those nations continue to live like gated communities, heedless of looming environmental catastrophe, we all risk falling prey to the dire fate of failed civilizations
Good Old Newt... Always Good For a Laugh!
5:48 pm pst | link

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Did You Know?

An aircraft carrier gets about 6 inches per gallon of fuel.

The Chinese were using aluminum to make things as early as 300 AD... Western civilization didn't rediscover aluminum until 1827.

Compact discs read from the inside to the outside edge, the reverse of how a record works.

As much as 80% of microwaves from mobile phones are absorbed by your head.

4:02 pm pst | link

Insults of the Day
The poor thing lacks even the dim flicker of sentience needed to qualify as a imbecile - unnkown
You have a face so ugly that Peeping Toms break into your house and close the blinds. - unknown

"You live and learn... At any rate, you live." - Douglas Adams 

3:57 pm pst | link

You Think You've Had A Rough Day !?!?
3:48 pm pst | link

This has got to be Photoshopped!


This is a picture of a rock formation near a lake in Burma. The photo can only be taken on a specific day once a year when the sun rays touch the rocks at a certain angle.

Tilt your head to the left and then look at it again 

3:40 pm pst | link

Do We Really Need Spellcheck?
I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg_The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid! Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer inwaht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? Yaeh, and I awlyas thought slpeling was ipmorantt.
3:37 pm pst | link

Monday, March 19, 2007

Insults of the Day
You are a cruelly debauched narcissist and a fiendish, gossip-mongering nauseating assault on the senses. -unknown

He is useless on top of the ground; he aught to be under it, inspiring the cabbages.
- Mark Twain


If I had wanted to hear from somebody with your IQ,... I'd be at my local supermarket talking to the vegetables. - unknown

5:40 pm pst | link

Is This An "Ah-Ha!" Moment?

 Former Arizona Gov. Admits UFO Sighting On Night of Phoenix Lights 10 Years Ago.
5:24 pm pst | link

Washington State Ferry Klickitat Falling Apart
This is an issue that is close to my heart... I used to work on this ship and always loved riding them...  I also feel that the USA is actively destroying it's shipbuildng capacity... Pretty dumb for a nation that wants to remain a power on a planet that is 75% water.
5:18 pm pst | link

Somehow ...I've Always Known That God was a Mac User!
4:50 pm pst | link

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Insults of the Day
"I didn't attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying I approved of it."
Mark Twain
Anyone who told you to be yourself couldn't have given you worse advice.
4:12 pm pst | link


Jesus Christ… Democrat or Republican ?


How about Libertarian?... Anarchist?


Apparently there's lots of people that are pretty sure he votes in their district... I just want to know if he's even registered to vote in the first place!... I'm pretty sure that he hasn't voted in the last few elections.  Maybe his absentee ballot got lost.

4:07 pm pst | link

Cow Eats Chickens

Cows are sacred in India… So they’re not generally eaten… Chicken figures largely in Indian cuisine…. So what do you do when your sacred cow eats your chickens?

3:35 pm pst | link

Has it started already?.... 3:27 pm pst | link

No TV Guide
I can't live without my TV directory... I use the one that comes with the Sunday paper, not TV Guide... But I can't live without it. If it's lost ...I'm lost. I find it helps give structure to my poor mixed up life. I don't watch a lot of TV... But I want to watch what I like and apparently I'm too stupid to take advantage of the wonders of streaming video.  I know... I know... online guides.. The directory channel... etc.... But I don't want to log in or wait for the stupid scroll to get to where I want it... I want my tv schedule NOW dammit!
My 18 y.o. watches hours more video than I do... And he has his favorite shows too... But the difference is that he seems to be free of the network's time schedules and I'm a dogged slave to them.  Grey's Anatomy? New episode on at 8pm on Thursday on channel 9... 7 central?... I'm there!.. And so on and so forth... Oh sure... I could tape or tivo it.. But it doesn't seem comfortable to me... I don't know why.
But my kid?... He doesn't have a recorder in his room... Yet he seems to be able to catch anything he wants to watch, whenever, on demand.  I mean, any tv show you can name... Any episode... Even stuff that has never aired in the U.S... 2am and he's watching Grey's (he's got a crush on Sandra Oh) or some obscure anime from Japan that's been "fansubbed".  I just found out that there's a whole cottage industry of people that translate foreign video and post them for we language impaired americans to watch... When the hell do people get the time to do this stuff?  If I map out an hour or two to blog... Something else doesn't get done.  But here's the funny part... Most of this stuff is free.  I thought that $1.99 for a show from iTunes was cool... But apparently that's dumb. There's (apparently legal) ways to get tons and tons of Video on Demand (VOD) whenever you want. And here I am paying $50 an month for expanded basic cable and all I really need is basic for local news... (not really the kid says).  But do I really want to sit in front of my computer to catch all of my tv?  Not really.  Maybe after Apple comes out with their iTv and I can stream to my big tv. But a lot of folks are saying that this looks to be the wave of the (near) future...  Check out this story from TVWeek.com.
3:07 pm pst | link

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

More Random Stuff


-  (You've been warned!!)



Insults of the day :

 "I have never killed a man, but I have read many obituaries with great pleasure."
Clarence Darrow


"I've come across decomposed bodies that are less offensive than you are."





Found on a Gravestone:

Richard Hind

"Here lies the body of Richard Hind,
Who was neither ingenious, sober, nor kind."



Strange Houses… Someday I will build one just like the dome in the 3rd picture down... MY DREAM HOUSE!

8:37 pm pst | link

Some Goodies!

Courtesy of : Goodshit (Caution... The Goodshit site contains nudity)


 Time Wasters


Clear Your Web Tracks (Most Interesting)


Drinking Quotes



This is a good article… But I don’t think it’s going to affect my behavior too much.  I enjoy a good rant now and then!



An essay on the politics of religion – Not recommended for fundamentalists of any stripe.





POSTSECRET will be a regular feature on this site.



What’s your opinion?  -  Spacesuits?



Do you suppose there are any of these things still laying around? … Check your local government surplus depot.

6:34 pm pst | link

Monday, March 5, 2007

Why I get nervous whenever they thaw out Ann Coulter

Every time they thaw out the Frankenstein Monster we call Ann Coulter... I get antsy.  Why?  Because it usually means that something big and nasty is going on that we peons aren't supposed to notice.  

To Wit:

Dick Cheney's got a blood clot... The Dark Lord's the only thing keeping the Dems from going after our George III with every thing they've got... In fact... I suspect that Ol' Lord Voldemort's the main reason Osama and Co. haven't put out a hit on Georgie Porgie yet.  Pure unadulterated fear of the antichrist actually in control of America's nuclear arsenal.   Say it out loud... "President Dick Cheney"... Scary, huh?  Good way to get Condi on the ticket against her will though.

Rudy Giuliani's got some nasty baggage popping up... Seems that the Right's alternative to McCain didn't reckon with his son's piping up with "Well my dad will probably make a much better president than he did a father"  ... Ouch!

The bees are disappearing... In very big numbers... Worrisome numbers.   1/3 of the food that we eat needs bees to pollinate it.

The Reed Army Medical Center thing is about to melt down... Big time.  The Washington Post smells blood and too much big Brass is exposed.  Will this issue bring on a rant in the near future?  Stand By!

The Asian Markets are leading the U.S. market by the nose... Wall St. doesn't want any inkling that that the U.S. market is no longer the real driving force.  Better brush up on your Mandarin.

Maybe some real numbers on the Iraqi casualties are spinning about?

Now… It’s time to go urban on Annie’s latest grab for attention…  I think that there is absolutely no harm in a transvestite using the word “faggot”… It’s kind of like the pass that you have to give folks of the African American persuasion when they use the “N” word amongst themselves… It’s an “earned” right and you have to be part of the “club” to bandy such language about.  I believe Annie is a card carrying member.


Check out the Adam’s apple on Annie.  Now… Here are some known ladyboys to compare with. (thanks Alf!)  Look… I lived in Bangkok for years… My brother is gay… My favorite uncle was a tranny for 60 years… I’ve got lots of gay friends… some in drag… Some not.

If Ann Coulter is a natural born female… I’ll eat a live rat!.. On YouTube.   In all of the thousands of pages blogged and written about her… Has there been serious mention of anybody boinking her?  Even Oprah trots out Steadman every now and then.  In all of the hours of video devoted to coverage of this creature… Has anybody come forward to admit being with her?  Even well known horndogs Bill O’Reilly and Shawn Hannity who sit across from her on a regular basis... Have you ever seen one of them give her the horndog leers that they give Michelle Malkin?  Even nasty old buzzard Geraldo won’t give her a leer!  Are we expected to believe that this person is able to keep their love life completely under wraps? … In our society?!  Do a Google search of “Ann Coulter Boyfriend.” 

posted by the four eyes


4:10 pm pst | link

A Random Rant - Fat, Dumb and Happy
I've been around the world several times and there is one constant that keeps popping up. People are the same! There are schmucks and dough-heads everywhere you go, to be sure... But by the same token... There are wonderful people.... Everywhere! It's amazing how we get pounded over the head with how dangerous and evil people are. Now, Let there be no doubt... Those nasty folks are out there... But on a relative basis... The vast , vast majority of humans wish to live and let live. Yet... lately... we live as though there's a Hannibal the Cannibal behind every outstretched hand. If this were true... The majority of our children would never reach adulthood. And most adults would never survive into their 30's.

Think about it this way... When is the last time you had a truly malevolent thought? I mean something really nasty? Something that would result in someone's death, doom or destruction? What kept you from following through? How close did you come? Did having to live with yourself play a role in your decision? More so than going to jail?

Try it another way... When was the last time you met a stranger? Did you fear for your life? I'm willing to bet... probably not. We're surrounded by strangers every-time we walk out the door... Supermarkets, Gas Stations, Wal Mart, the movies... etc. Most of us make it home safe.

But... We've got politicians and other leaders fervently telling us that we are imminently going to be blown up and that evil hordes are hiding under your car, bed, couch pillows... you name it. We're all goners if we don't hurry up and learn to hate the "others" and authorize our leadership to blow the hell out of them... NOW!

And isn't it funny that with all the traveling that Americans do around the world today... That relatively few of us return home with horror stories worse than a ripping case of diarrhea? We're not being beheaded, robbed, raped, beaten, eaten, kidnapped or molested in numbers anywhere near approaching what it would take to justify our not getting on those planes, trains and automobiles, now are we? Passport applications are actually at an all time high.

Americans wander the earth in incredible numbers... It wouldn't be hard to find one in most major cities if a person suddenly developed a hankering to do something nasty to one of us. And we can be found in bunches for anyone wanting to take us out in volume. Yet... It doesn't seem to be happening at all on the levels we're warned about are imminent. So... What gives?

So the question is... Who benefits from all of this terror! Terror! TERROR! business? I've been drunk, stupid and stoned in some pretty questionable neighborhoods in some pretty far flung places and gotten away clean. I've SEEN plenty of ugly american behavior in places all over the world where the offenders got away clean. So... If we can get away with provoking and inviting mayhem and it generally doesn't happen... Why are we being told that we and our loved ones are doomed to be blown up as early as tomorrow? Why are we authorizing our leadership to go blow up and harass a population with a hell of a lot less means to get to us than we have to them on the premise that they'll come over here and blow us up?

Seems to me that the population that we're supposed to be so afraid of went directly over to killing each other; which is exactly what should have been expected as soon as their local tyrant was removed. That was the same as taking the lid off of a pressure cooker... And any cultural anthropologist could have told you so.

Bosnians and Serbs, Jews and Palestinians, Shiites and Sunnis... Anytime you've got folks that have been at each others throats for millennia... They're always going to be more interested in killing each other than they will be to kill some newcomers on the block. Tito, Saddam, Amin, Suharto... Simply lids on the pressure cookers. They provided a threat greater than tolerable to the local combatants. Same thing happens in L.A. or any U.S. city where the cops take out the big drug king pin or gang leader... Mortality rate goes up until a new "lid" gets settled in. But it remains largely internecine warfare... Members of the general public get whacked usually as collateral damage.

Osama whacked the WTC in retaliation for U.S. attempts on his own life. He's a millionaire who could afford to set that kind of personal vendetta in place. Your average muslim extremist is much, much more interested in killing off those horribly blasphemous neighbors of his that let their women folk walk around without burquas. And when he's done doing that... He's going to be too busy fending off the counter attacks by said neighbor's clan to consider cooking up some sophisticated plan to get over here and blow up my wife and kids.

So.. back to the question of who, what, why and where. Who... have we as a nation offended so terribly that they can afford to turn their back on their own treacherous brethren to come after us? What ... evidence besides the isolated incidence of the WTC do we have that anybody gives enough of a fig about destroying us to make a real effort at it? Why... are not americans being slaughtered in significant numbers in places where we're easy to get at... Like Europe... the Caribbean? Where... did we go wrong at letting our elected leaders stampede us headlong into terror color codes, profiling, Guantanamo-ing, wiretapping, take your shoes off, no bottled water, don't question authority, Bill O'Rielly and Shawn Hannity loving, Islam hating, paranoids?

I think the answer lies with we as americans being so fat, dumb and happy that we willingly leave any mental lifting to whomever claims it. Statistically... we are unequivocally among the fattest, dumbest, and happiest of people on good old mother earth. What is it going to take for us to wake up and realize that we're victims of the old Kansas City Shuffle? Our attention is being directed one place while we're being robbed blind of our jobs (outsourcing)... security (Homeland), educations (cuts), health(genetically engineered crops) and welfare. We will wake up to discover that the American empire only lasted a little over 200 years and ended the same way the Roman Empire did. Bread and Circuses (McDonald's and American Idol) Non citizens running the empire (illegal immigration) Declination of the ruling class(see G.W. Bush) Outsourcing of vital operations to foreigners(China, India)

I may seem a bit angry and paranoid here... But show me where the USA leads the world in the production of other than Fast Food and Weapons.... We don't even make our own TV's anymore. Your average "American" branded car has over 75% foreign made parts. Do the research and find out where the majority of that most quintessential of American items (Levi's) are made. History will note that the Empire called America began to decline rapidly shortly after the entity called Wal-Mart became an important part of the culture.

And here we're directing our energy and attention towards people that if they were actually somehow able to infiltrate us in any significant numbers... Would be so overwhelmed by the amount of sheer nakedness and plenty relative to their world, that they would either rapidly assimilate or be entirely too distracted to be much danger.

Imagine being some poor kid whose only life experience has been a madrassa in upper Pakistan... turned loose anywhere near a high speed internet connection... If (big if) he gets past the porn... World of Warcraft ought to keep his attention off of that suicide bombing mission he was sent on. Picture this same kid sent to blow up a big mall on a Saturday afternoon... The mall full of scantily clad teenage girls (your Daughter... you've seen her!)... Do you think young Achmed is not going to question the wisdom of blowing up the very same 72 virgins he was promised in the first place? At any rate ...Why blow yourself up for a bit of poontang if there's plenty walking around right here?

If we could see past the BNC's (Big Nasty Corporation's) smoke screens for longer than the span of a commercial... We'd find that the answer to a lot of the pent up frustration that causes these nice folks to keep slitting each others throats is the same thing that keeps us from slitting each others throats... To wit... ENTERTAINMENT!! A steady supply of electricity and toys to run on that electricity. A slight overabundance of food. A reliable plumbing system. Porno. Toilet paper. Porno. Mind numbing TV. Porno. That about covers it... Right? Ladies... Understand that these requirements are skewed more towards the male of the species... We're the warlike ones.

Take a wild eyed Palestinian kid and stick a #2 combo meal (super-sized) in one hand and a Wii in the other... and the inclination to blow up the neighbors tends to fade. Why kill your neighbor dead when you can kick his ass every day in Unreal Tournament? ... Put on some version of Iraqi Idol and advertise a halal pizza delivery special and what do you think will happen every night at 8? It's pretty hard to think about that suicide mission planned for the next day when you're rooting for someone to be voted off the island and you want to know what happens next week. Likewise to throwing a bomb while one hand is moving your mouse over at The Hun's Yellow Pages while the other hand is ....Well... Occupied.

Back to where this rant started... People are the same where ever you go... They want to be fat, dumb and happy.
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