Soul Catcher

by Erin Baker


She has enmeshed you in a fine web
Of cleverness and deceit abounding.
She is like a bird of prey,
Gripping your flesh with strong talons,
Drawing drops of crimson blood
Which fall to the earth like heavy tears.
Yet you love her even more,
Even as she sucks the soul from you.


Ah, my friend, where have you gone?
What has become of your quest,
Your desire to seek the light within?
She has robbed you of all such desire,
Has wrenched your thoughts to her will,
Even though you knew it not.


Like the fox that guides and guards her,
And the coyote who watches her steps,
She is clever, ruthless, treacherous.
And you believe you can change her
Despite these things which you know in your heart?
You will try to shape her to your will,
But all the while she will draw you further in,
Partaking of the very blood
That courses through your veins, emptying you.


Goodbye, friend farewell to you,
I lament the loss of him you once were,
For I fear that he is beyond recall.
Alas for Fox! Alas for Coyote!
For they have tricked and deceived you,
And pressed her to rob you of your very life.


The Eagle salutes the Kestrel,
Paying homage to the waning power within you.
The serpent of wisdom seeks for you,
But you have departed beyond his knowing glance.
Even though you walk through darkness,
May God's light shine upon your face.

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