Day Like This

by Marc Peterson


She said there'd never be another day like this
I wondered what she meant
And decided it was not the issue anymore
I began hoping for a few days more
She tried to catch me on something
Something she thought I'd missed
But I proved too quick for her
I remember more than she'd give me credit for


And we'd stare at the stars and the moon
And share each other's dreams
This is what love's about, I hear
I know it is when I hold her near
And when I look into her eyes I see
A thousand suns rise up high
And I know there'll never be another day like this


She looks so stunning in the pale moonlight
Like a star in her own right
And if the moon should disappear tonight
I know I can find it in her eyes
And if the sun should go away
Its light will shine in her hair anyway
And when I look back upon my life
Nothing will ever seem so bright
Because there's never been a day like this.


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